If you’re studying frogs this year or just want another non-TV-related activity to do with your child, Learning Resources’ new preschool-friendly educational game, Froggy Feeding Fun, is for you!  This game comes with two frogs, 60 flies, 1 number cube, 1 color cube (the dice), and an activity guide.  How cute are these little guys?

Even the flies are cute!  You start out by setting out the buzzing (okay, not in real life, you’ll have to help with the sound effects ;-) flies on the table.  Then you take turns rolling the dice.  In the photo below, Emma rolled a 4 and an orange color, so she picked up 4 orange flies.  You take turns, building up your pile until all the flies are gone, then count your flies at the end to see who won.


This is a GREAT activity for practicing counting and identifying colors!

Emma did have a little trouble at first figuring out how to open the frog’s mouth (you squeeze the sides of the froggy and it opens).  She caught on, though.  For the very young, it’s coordination practice – opening the frog’s mouth with one hand and feeding it flies with the other.

Emma loved playing this game!  She named each of the froggies and had a blast playing with them.  There was a lot of creativity and imagination involved as our froggies talked to each other about the deliciousness of the flies and they hopped around looking for the fattest fly.  ;-)  There was really nothing we didn’t like about the game – I can recommend it for preschoolers without hesitation!

Want It?

You can purchase the Froggy Feeding Fun Game from Learning Resources or Amazon.com – it retails for $21.99.

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