We haven’t technically started Kindergarten yet – at least we haven’t started checking things off my meticulously-put-together school schedule we intend to start at the end of next month.  ;-)  But Emma was getting bored not having some type of work of her own to do every day and you know what happens with a 5-year-old is bored?  They share it.  They tell you they’re bored – possibly the most irritating sentence ever uttered when you have worked hard to make sure your kids have plenty to do and play with.  ;-)

Emma is like me.  She needs some direction for her days or she’ll sit around in her pajamas all day doing nothing.  So out came a daily schedule I put together in Word with boxes to check off.  Interactivity is the key to success here!  Off she goes to brush teeth, brush hair, make bed, get dressed, practice handwriting, practice addition, and more.  She literally runs around completing tasks just so she can check them off.  And it requires no nagging at all.  Awesome.  Not only that, but she has a much better attitude throughout the day because of it!

Getting Into School Mode Again: Schedules & Everyday Learning(Interested in this schedule?  Let me know and I’ll post it!)

I made one for Isaac as well so he could feel included but he isn’t quite as into them as Emma is.
That’s okay, though.  :)

To kind of get us in the learning mode again Emma has been working on “school” a bit every day.  Here’s what she’s been doing:
Reading Eggs "Eggy Phonics 1" app on an iPad Mini

Practicing phonics with this Reading Eggs app

POP for Sight Words Game for Kindergarten

 Learning and reading sight words while playing this Pop for Sight Words game.
(Giveaway coming soon!)

Sight Words Worksheets

Working on her handwriting and sight words with these free printable worksheets I found (and love!) here at Confessions of a Homeschooler.  (And drawing like crazy, too!)

Puzzle Time

Putting together her princess puzzles (found here).

handwriting app

Practicing forming letters with handwriting apps and a stylus.

Reading Eggs

And “playing” Reading Eggs whenever she gets a chance.  Can’t recommend this more!

I know I haven’t shared a lot about what Isaac is doing but unlike Emma at that age, he has noooo interest whatsoever in learning.  I mean any kind of structured learning.  He knows his alphabet and can count to twenty (and possibly higher) thanks to Emma but when I try to sit down with him he is sooo impatient!  I’m not worried about this at all, he’s only 2.  But whenever he is interested I will be ready!  :)

In the meantime, at least he is starting to show some interest in books!


How are your days going right now?  Do your kids thrive on schedules or dislike them?


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4 Responses to Getting Into School Mode Again: Schedules & Everyday Learning

  • Ewwwww!!! I LOVE scheduled! You can definitely post your daily schedule that you created! Looks like a good “habit training” schedule ; ) There is something fulfilling about being about to check something off a list too. That’s how both of my boys are! It’s like they do the task JUST to be able to write the check mark. It is cute that she runs around wanting to complete the tasks! And no nagging????? That is awesome :)

    We thrive on schedules too… I have to have a guide or I literally won’t get anything done. That is why I have my weekly plan ~ if we miss something I don’t stress over it, but we are so much more likely to stay on task when I have a few simple goals ready for each day.

    I will have to check out Reading Eggs. I recently stumbled upon Starfall and it’s seems ok. I haven’t looked at the other yet though. It’s amazing how the computer apps really bring it to life!

    I can’t wait to start following your schedule and days when you officially “start.” :)

    Jenn @ Teaching2Stinkers

    • Thanks for dropping by, Jenn! :) I know, I have been a bit ambitious with our schedule for Kindergarten (more than just a weekly schedule) but I wanted details so I would have good goals and yes, nothing would get done if I didn’t have everything planned out! Most of it is fun stuff, though. :) If this schedule is completely scrapped when we’re in the middle of our school year though I may never plan in this much detail again! haha

  • It’s always a good thing to have order to our days and a plan of action to make the most of it. I confess, though, I like to CREATE schedules, but I don’t like to FOLLOW schedules. As a mom of many, I did learn that having routines in place made for a much smoother day, although a day in pj’s once in a great while never hurt anyone.
    Love the pictures of your children with their learning activities – it’s a wonderful journey, this lifestyle of learning.

    • Thanks for sharing! I will take all the advice I can get. :) I keep telling myself, “I don’t want it to be school at home”. I’ll have my written schedule and my goals for the year and we WILL be learning a lot whether we do every activity I have planned or not.

      And yes, I may just have to let everyone stay in their pj’s some days. :) That’s one of the perks of homeschooling anyway!

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