Bear Portraits
by Jill Greenberg
Little, Brown, and Company (November 2009)
104 Pages

Bear Portraits completely changed what I thought I knew about bears. I’ve seen them at the zoo and watched movies about them, but you never really get a chance to really see them. Not like a photographer does, anyway. That’s what Jill Greenberg is – a photographer. And a pretty amazing photographer. She’s known for her celebrity portraits and has another book similar to this one out called Monkey Portraits which surprised everyone by being a huge hit. And it’s no wonder when you see her photography! Everything is manipulated a bit so that while gazing at one of her bears you are unsure whether it’s truly a photo or a painting. But there’s one thing you are sure of – it’s beautiful.

This is the ultimate coffee table book. Once you open it up, you have to keep going. The reason that it is a portrait book and not just a photography book is that each bear has its own expressive personality. These aren’t just photos – they’re a very unique and deep look at each individual bear.

I seriously had no idea that bears could be so expressive! Regal, vulnerable, fierce, even goofy. This book is a pleasure to look through, and I’m sure will capture the attention and interest of young and old alike. I recommend it!


  • A fascinating introduction by the author/photographer.
  • Random quotes related to specific portraits or bears throughout the book.
  • Detailed information on each bear featured in the book.
Cool Fact: All of the bears in Bear Portraits have been in movies (like Dr. Dolittle 2, Gentle Ben, True Heart, Snow Dogs, and more) or on TV in some way, shape, or form!

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Bear Portraits retails for $26.99. You can buy it right now on for only $14.97!
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