We are doing some gardening in pots this summer!


I took Emma to pick out some baby plants about a month ago and she chose zucchinis and some flowers.  Well, and everything else she saw.  ;-)  But we settled on these finally.

We took them home along with some dirt and planted them in our pots. Here’s a peek at the flowers.  They’re very unique, soft and fuzzy like velvet:

DSC_0041 copy

I believe they’re called Cockscomb.

It’s been fun watching the zucchini plants grow from small leaves to flowering these huge yellow flowers.  Emma wondered, “Why are there flowers instead of zucchini?”


I honestly didn’t know where the zucchini were going to appear, but a few days later we saw the buds of the zucchini appearing under the flowers!


Last year we grew peas in pots, and were able to gather quite a few peas before the plant died.  I think the pot was too small in that case because it turned yellow at the bottom and then slowly everything withered away.  I’m hoping the zucchini plants won’t meet a similar fate – they are in a huge pot so hopefully they’ll be okay.  Either way, we are learning through this and Emma is having fun.  There is something so rewarding about growing your own food!

DSC_0036 copy

Now I wish I had planted more than one edible plant.  There is probably still time…

Do you have a garden?  Do your kids help?



2 Responses to Growing Zucchini & Flowers in Pots – Nature Study in our Backyard

  • Yes and yes! My 3 yo daughter loves everything about our container garden, except ants. Don’t ask I really don’t know. My son just likes the dirt right now. But they both can recognize a ripe strawberry. I have loved that they are learning about where food comes from.

    • Homegrown strawberries are soooo good. My parents have some in their garden and I couldn’t believe how soft and sweet they were. Now I feel like I was cheated by the grocery store with those hard, flavorless strawberries we usually get. Ew!

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