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RuthAnn Zimmerman is the creative sewin’ genius behind the mom-owned business, HaddyGrace Designs.  She’s the designer of this totally gorgeous hooded sweater dress

as well as a variety of soft-sole shoes for babies and toddlers, pillowcase dresses, pocket diapers, and custom-made baby slings!

All of these things can be purchased at VERY reasonable prices from her Etsy shop,, or her blog,

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Today, I have a special treat for you – an exclusive interview with RuthAnn!

Hi RuthAnn! First, we would like to know how HaddyGrace Designs got started.  :)

I have always enjoyed sewing for my children, but as a homeschool mom never found the time to pursue it with real vigor. In 2009, my daughters started attending our church’s private Christian school and our new baby, Hadassah Grace, arrived that December. I suddenly found myself with a lot more time on my hands.  So while the little ones (I also have a 2yr old son) napped, I started playing around with different patterns and ideas that I had picked up here and there. I then started sewing for baby showers and birthday gifts. Soon friends were asking me to sew for their children, and I had strangers asking me where they could purchase my designs. After lots of encouragement from my husband and friends, I decided to officially make HaddyGrace a business.

How do you find time to sew with four kids in the house?

That’s a tricky one…  Normally all my spare time, when I’m not busy cooking, picking up, doing laundry, cleaning and all the other happy mommy stuff, is spent at the sewing machine, or designing patterns.  My sewing machine is in the living room in the same corner as the bookshelf and all the toys. So when the little ones play i am right there to ‘help’ with all their problems!  I am a mommy first!  So I get as much as I can done while they are happy, but when the little ones go down for a nap I sew like a maniac!!  :) After school I rarely sew as this is family time (as is after dinner).   On busy days, I sew at night after the kids are all in bed!  Most nights I work online trying to learn all I can about online shops, blogger, etc.

What is your favorite HaddyGrace design so far?

My favorite to create is the pillowcase dress. It is so fun and summery, and I love finding just the right coordinating colors, and the RIBBON!  There is just something about little girls and those ribbons at the shoulders!  But right now my favorite to wear on my girls is the sweater dresses – so warm and cozy and just so terribly cute when worn with boots or even a belt like my 9 yr. old insists on wearing with hers. :)

Oh, I also LOVE the little shoes!  Can’t leave them out.  :)  They were my first creation that made me realize I could start a business.  People love them!

Where did the name HaddyGrace come from?

Since Hadassah Grace, my little girl, was the inspiration for most of my clothes and creations I knew we needed to use her name, so I had my husband and kids vote between Hadassah’s Closet and HaddyGrace Designs.  :) They chose HaddyGrace Designs, and I approved it!  :)

What do you consider your greatest honor or accomplishment?

I am so honored that my customers are so happy with their HaddyGrace Designs purchases that they are telling their friends. I am also honored to be sewing for other moms and their precious children!

My greatest accomplishment will be the day I hear my children say ‘Mom always put our needs ahead of her desires.’

I would love to hear that, too.  :)  In five years, where would you like to be?

In 5 years?  I would like to have thousands of satisfied customers! Also, to have an income big enough that my husband can quit his full time job and start on his ‘dream job’.   And to still be putting my family first!

Now that would be AWESOME!  Tell us one little-known or interesting fact about you.

I was born and raised in Lancaster County, PA into a loving, ‘Horse and Buggy’ Mennonite Family. :)

Well you definitely win the “most interesting fact” award!  I have so many things I could ask you about that… but maybe another time.  :)

Folks, follow RuthAnn’s blog at!

More links:

HaddyGrace Designs on Etsy
Fan HaddyGrace Designs on Facebook

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Hadassah Grace (“HaddyGrace”)

Coming Soon:

A HaddyGrace Designs GIVEAWAY!  What would you most like to win?


9 Responses to The Mom Behind HaddyGrace Designs {Exclusive Interview!}

  • That dress is so cute! She definitely has talent!

  • Love the dress and also went to check out the cloth diapers at the Etsy shop. They are nice also. We used to cloth diaper our youngest. Thanks for the great interview.

  • What a great interview! Hadassah Grace is gorgeous! And I just love the designs in the etsy shop. I love the hooded sweater dresses. They’re very reasonably priced! I made sure to “heart” the shop and become a fan on facebook so that I can easily find her when I’m ready to start shopping!

    After checking out her blog, I have to tell you how much I love that she makes little boy items, too. Camo is huge down here, and while we’re definitely not hunters, I still think it’s super cute!

    I’ll be watching for the giveaway. It doesn’t matter what it is, you can bet I’m going to enter! :)

  • I’d love to see her Pillowcase dress as a giveaway. Adorable patterns!

  • Great interview! I love handmade items – her stuff is so cute!

  • Very nice! Good luck on your goal!


  • Wow! I loved the interview and I love her goal…how great would that be if her husband could quit his job to follow his dream, what a great wife!
    For the giveaway, I love everything…but I especially love the pillowcase dresses!

  • I love how she “sews like a maniac” when her kids are sleeping!

  • ms(dot)verymarried(at)gmail(dot)com

    have you taken any steps to formalize your business? like, do you charge retail taxes?

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