Today we played around with symmetry for math, and what better way to understand the concept than experimenting with art and hands-on activities?  I first came across this brilliant idea and tutorial at Our Journey Westward.   Following her instructions, Emma made a (mostly) symmetric heart and I made a dragonfly.

Hands-on math: Positive-Negative Symmetry Art (with instructions)  What a fun introduction to geometry!

I love this form of artistic expression, and it’s fascinating seeing how each piece comes out.
After a dragonfly, I made a frog:

Hands-on math: Positive-Negative Symmetry Art (with instructions)  What a fun introduction to geometry!

This is so easy, you your kids won’t want to stop!

Here are the quick instructions: 

2 pieces of construction paper in contrasting colors

Directions:  Fold the two pieces of paper in half together, then set one piece aside and cut the other one in half.  On one of the halves (the other side won’t be used), draw your picture at the edge.  Cut it out, keeping everything (don’t throw any pieces away).  Glue the pieces to the contrasting colored paper as seen above.

What a cool introduction to geometry!  We talked about what types of things were and weren’t symmetric, and she played these easy symmetry online games for kids ages 5-9.  You can also read more about symmetry here at Math is Fun.

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