Top Mom Blogger is fairly new to the blogosphere, but written by two great mom bloggers who want to share their expertise with you.  Well, maybe they wouldn’t call it expertise, but they’ve learned a lot since they started, and are generously sharing what they know.  You even learn from reading the comments!

The main topic there is monetizing your blog, though I’ve read some other nice posts on making your blog better – which does, of course, have a lot to do with monetizing.

I’m not terribly worried about monetizing myself, but through their ad network suggestions and monetizing tips, I’ve been able to get started making a small amount each month.  And when I say small, I mean small.  ;-)  But that’s okay.  Even if I can pay for just my web hosting ($8 a month), I’m happy!


Here are some of my favorite posts from Top Mom Blogger:

You’re a Newbie Blogger (tips for newbies!)

5 Reasons You May Not Be Getting As Many Comments As You Should

Top 5 Questions About Monetizing

Blogger or WordPress (the age-old question…)


Hope you find something helpful there!  :-)


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