How to make a keepsake silhouette canvas art
I pretty much went all handmade this Christmas. I made earrings (thanks for the beads, gems, and findings, mom), crocheted, and painted like a mad woman, especially in the last few days. I’m a procrastinator and amazingly I do well with the last-minute crazy crafting. I was pretty happy with what I came up with.
I also made a silhouette keepsake of my daughter Emma to give to my mom.

Ready for a Tutorial?
I know you are! :-)
1. I started out with a small square canvas, a photo of Emma that I really like that clearly shows her profile (you can also print one out), tracing paper, a pencil, scissors, some glue or mod podge and a couple pieces of pretty scrapbook paper that compliment each other.

2. First, I used a pencil to trace all the way around the canvas on the paper that will be the background. I then cut it out and glued it onto the canvas.3. Now, you can print out the photo you want, cut directly around the face, and trace around the edges right onto the silhouette paper. That’s probably the easiest way. But I was using a photo that I didn’t want to damage, so I used tracing paper and:a) Traced around the face.
b) Turned the tracing paper over and (with the side that I had drawn on facing DOWN) re-traced the lines I had drawn so that the pencil from the first drawing was transferred to the paper I wanted the silhouette on.

4. Cut out around the face and glue onto the background paper.

You’re done! An easy and wonderfully personal piece of art. :-)If you have any questions, let me know!


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  • That is very retty!I think i am going to use this in my sunday school class..would be pretty for valentines day to moms and grandmas!Thank you

    happy new year

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