20+ Awesome Gift Ideas for Preschoolers and Kindergarteners!

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Emma and I want to share with you her favorite toys and games.  :)  All of the gift ideas below have been tried and tested by us, and are loved by my 5-year-old.  Hope this helps you with your shopping list!

Do-a-Dot Rainbow Dot Marker Set

For the little artist.  These jumbo-sized markers are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers!
Here are some of the things we’ve done with them ourselves.  :)
Do-a-Dot Markers on Amazon.com

ZOOB Construction Play Set

zoob crown instructions

For the child who likes to be BUSY and is detail-oriented.
These pieces snap together and are great for kids ages 4 and up!
Our experience with it can be found here.
Zoob Construction Set on Amazon.com

Other Popular Playsets:
Magnet Playsets
Gears Playsets

Dry Erase Workbooks

For the child who loves to learn!  I know my daughter would be thrilled to get one of these, she loves the books we have right now that make it easy to practice writing her letters and numbers independently.
Dry Erase Activity Books on Amazon

VTech Learning App Touch Screen Tablet (InnoTab 2)

If your budget can afford about $60-70 then the VTech InnoTab 2 would be my recommendation for the tech-loving preschooler.  This awesome tablet comes with a few downloadable apps so you don’t even have to buy games for it right away, and there is plenty to do on it!  It’s a camera, photo viewer, MP3 player, eReader, art studio, and game console all in one!
Read our personal review here.
VTech InnoTab 2 on Amazon

Preschool Games

For the child who loves social games.  :)  Here are some of the ones we enjoy the most:

Memory Matching Game
I Spy Card Game (Go Fish)
DK Very Silly Sentences
Let’s Go Fishin’
ThinkFun Snack Attack

Pattern Blocks and Other M&D Products

This is one of Emma’s favorite sets to play with, both with the pattern sheets and without.  She has created so many imaginative scenes with them, I love it!  There are plenty of sets out there, but the Melissa and Doug Magnetic Pattern Block Kit is our favorite.
Pattern Blocks on Amazon

We also have enjoyed:

Jigsaw Puzzles (both the bigger ones and the 4-in-1 sets)
Play Food
Craft Kits
Animal Figures

Twilight Constellation Night Light

This is usually a gift that is associated with babies but my daughter absolutely loves having stars on her ceiling at night, and it’s the coolest nightlight I’ve come across so far.  :)  Honestly, I’m thinking about getting one for MY room.
Twilight Night Light on Amazon

Schleich Animal Figures

41tGb13VPtL._SX342_ 81lHaXN4SnL._SX342_

These Schleich figures are more than worthy of collecting – they are excellent quality, the perfect size, and so much attention is paid to detail that they are the most realistic I’ve seen.  We have quite a few horses and small animals and both of my kids (5 and 2) play with them often.

Magna Doodle or Doodle Pad

Every kid should have a Magna Doodle at some point in their life!  These are awesome.  :)
Doodle Pads on Amazon


Puzzles are always great gifts for kids!  There are wooden peg puzzles, dress-up puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, and more to choose from!
Puzzles on Amazon

Games for Their Favorite Game System

I’m featuring MarioKart for the Wii because that’s Emma’s favorite game right now, and 4-6 is the perfect age to be playing this!  She also has it on Nintendo DS and likes to play it that way, too.  I just think the Wii is more fun because the controller is actually a steering wheel.  :)
MarioKart Wii on Amazon
Wii Games for Preschoolers
PC Games for Preschoolers

Many of the products listed in this gift guide can be found in sales in these deal sites.  These are very worth signing up to receive updates via email.  My favorite is Zulily (I’ve made SO many orders there), so most definitely sign up for that one.  You won’t be sorry!




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