This is not a sponsored gift guide – I’m just wanting to share some of my favorite and most recommended products as gift ideas with you.  A few might have been reviewed here, but not all of them.  Happy Holiday shopping!  :)

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Zoobies – Pillow/Blanket/Stuffed Animal in One!
My review here.

Purchase at

Little Tikes Jr. Play Slide
Full review here.

My 2 1/2-year-old daughter plays on hers every day – and inside the house, even!  It’s able to be folded up and placed behind a door so it’s not in the way, and is great for rainy day play.

Buy one at

MySims Agents Wii Game
Full Review here.

Oh my word, SO much fun!  I played this obsessively until I beat the game.  Recommend, recommend!


Buy it at for the insanely decent price of $18.99 right now!

Fisher Price Little People Build ‘n Fun Playset

Emma loves this!  We bought it months ago and she still plays with it often.  You really can’t beat these types of playsets for kids!  I like that it comes with the plastic bin, too.

Buy it at!

Yoo Hoo & Friends
Read my review here.

I love these toys as much as any kid – they’re totally adorable!  Each one makes a different type of noise when you squeeze it, too.  You can find these at Claires stores.

Find them on here!

Charlie and Lola on DVD

This cartoon series seriously cannot be beat.  If you’ve never seen an episode I recommend that you either Netflix it immediately or go ahead and watch this episode on YouTube right now and be charmed. Recommended for kids of all ages – and you’ll love it too, mommy!

Buy it on!

Shana Logic
Review here.

I can pretty much recommend anything at Shana Logic for preteens and teens – everything is awesome!

Purchase at

Knee High to a Shoo Fly Growth Charts
My Review here.

Handmade and full of intricate details, this quilted growth chart will stay with your child during his entire growing up years!  We absolutely love ours, and love the fact that it’s an animal friend, too.  Many more animals available.  :)

Purchase on Etsy at Knee High to a Shoo Fly.

Posh Arms

What little girl (or big girl for that matter) wouldn’t love these?

Buy a pair at Posh PipSqueaks on Etsy.

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Sleepy Moon Jewelry
My review here.

You’re sure to make any her happy with a gift from Sleepy Moon!  Everything is totally gorgeous and well-made.  :)

Purchase here at Sleepy Moon Designs.

The Dyson Animal Handheld Vacuum
My Review here.

If you’re a guy and thinking a handheld vacuum might send the wrong message, think again.  Mine makes life so much easier – I literally use it every single day and am so glad I don’t have to pull out my regular vacuum every day.  I would be thrilled to see anything by Dyson under the tree, and I don’t know a woman who wouldn’t be!

Purchase at

Flip Video Camera

I have the Flip Ultra and LOVE it!  I use it all the time and love how simple it is to use.  It plugs into your computer’s USB drive and is a cinch to quickly send video to family or upload it to YouTube.  You can also edit videos and make movies easily.

Buy it at
Or buy it at

The Nebulous Kingdom Magnetic Lockets

I LOVE these lockets and am hoping to get one myself someday.  :)  This is so on my Etsy wishlist!

Buy it on Etsy at The Nebulous Kingdom.

White Robot Hoodie

Love love LOVE!  This is on my wishlist, too.   ;-)

Buy it at Rainbow Swirlz on Etsy!

Faith on Earth Handmade Slouch Bags

I purchased one of these for myself about a month ago and it is so nicely made!  I use it all the time (for a diaper bag!) and get compliments often.  :)  She also custom-made it in the size I requested, SUCH a nice person to work with!

Buy it at Faith on Earth on Etsy.

Decoupaged Recipe Card Boxes

Another handmade Etsy item I love!

Buy it at Gifts and Talents.

Fine Silver Fingerprint Pendants
Review here.

I gave one of these keepsakes with my daughter’s print to my mom and she adored it.  Such a great gift idea!

Buy it at Little Ella Bug.

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Call of Duty Black Ops

I don’t really know a lot about this game, only that my husband loves it and plays as often as he can.  So if you want to score points with your hubby or older son, buy it.  If you ever want to see him again… don’t buy it.  ;-)

Buy it on  Available for PS3 & X-Box 360.

Geek Dad T-Shirt (Made by ellybean)

This tee speaks for itself. :)  Ellybean also has pirate/ninja designs for guys.

Buy it on Zazzle!

LED Faucet Lights

Okay, SO cool.  And unique.  Get it for the guy in your life who is impossible to buy for!

Buy it at ThinkGeek.

J-5 Shirt

I just think this is awesome!

Buy it at Slow Shirts on Etsy.


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