I know, I know – Zulily AGAIN!  Well, they have the most amazing deals, I can’t help it!
This morning I came across these ADORABLE holiday dresses:

Designer fabrics I LOVE and a style I love – reverse knot dresses!  They’re adjustable and will fit longer than regular dresses.  When your daughter is too tall to wear it as a dress she can wear it as a top!  And these are over $50.00 regularly, but only $25 at Zulily!  That’s not even including the coupon code which will give you 10% off!  This is such a great deal – I couldn’t make these for this price!

There is also another jumper-style dress and a skirt in these materials.  Sizing is from 12 months to size 10.

10% off a $30 or more purchase: SHOPMOM108

Remember that after your first order you can get free shipping on anything else you buy from Zulily until midnight at the end of that day!

Click HERE to shop!


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