Time for another Creative Mamas Monday! I really look forward to this post every week, it’s so much fun! And since Christmas is on my mind, this is going to be another Christmas-themed craft. :-) Thanksgiving crafts are welcome, too! Actually, this could totally be used for Thanksgiving… I’ll go into more detail at the bottom of this post!

So on to the craft tutorial!
Holiday Paper Chains Tutorial
by me

What you need:

Lots of pretty scrapbook paper! I went for holiday-themed because I want the paper chains on my tree!

Adhesive Tape-Runner (from the scrapbooking section)
You can play around and see what kinds of glue work the best for you, but I loved how fast this went for me – making the chains was so easy! *Edited to add: Okay, so this glue isn’t staying so well…overnight some of them come undone. So I would use something else. A glue stick would probably work okay, or a hot glue gun. Or tape! Experiment!

A paper-trimmer.
Or scissors (I actually used scissors and didn’t cut perfectly at all, but you can’t tell with the finished chain).

Cut the paper into thinnish strips (1 1/2 – 2 inches)

Run a line of tape along the edge of the outside each strip (use a lot if you’re using a tape-runner)

Glue the strips into circles.
(This is so easy I feel silly writing anything, lol.)

Aren’t they beeeautiful? I just had fun creating. It was very therapeutic, too. :-)

You could have some fun with any holiday or theme – pink for Valentine’s day, etc. These could be used for birthday decorations, too! I’m hanging mine on the tree and in some entries to give my apartment a festive look.
Share Your Thoughts!

Do you have any craft tutorials or crafty posts to share? What projects are you working on or planning on working on? Are you making your own holiday decorations or gifts?

Leave a comment letting me know what you’re up to or share a link to a crafty/creative post, or leave your url to a crafty post you like (it can be yours or not) in MckLinky! It can be anything you want to share – a recipe, a craft, anything that you deem “creative”! I can’t wait to see what you all (or your kids) are doing!

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