How to Put Together a Home Management Binder (with free printables!)

My life will be perfectly organized now!


Okay, I can’t even convince myself of that – I’m sure nobody has a perfectly organized life.  We’re all human!  And there is always one family member who makes things a little crazy in the house.  I am that person in our family.  I am the kind of mom who keeps things clean (mostly) but there is always some type of clutter in every room.   I pick up something to put it away and see five more things that need to go in different directions.  Sometimes I put the thing down and walk away.  ;-)  I have become very good at blocking messes, too!  Is there a name for that, like… obliviosa???  When we found out that the owner of the house we’re renting was going to do a walkthrough I looked around and really really saw for the first time some of the things I hadn’t noticed or had ignored because it wasn’t a priority at the time.  Like marker on the walls (washable, don’t worry).  I swear it wasn’t there before.

But keeping things perfectly organized with a 3-year-old and 5-year-old home with me full-time isn’t really my highest priority.  Meaning it’s impossible.  Sometimes I vacuum in the morning and wonder why in the world I did that later in the day.  I may as well wait until just before we have company or my husband comes home.  ;-)  If I clean something, it is messed up 2 minutes later!

What really motivated me to do this was my realization that I am feeling overwhelmed too often, usually because I can’t remember all the things I need to and also because I am not a planner.  I rarely plan out meals for the week, though I have tried in the past to stay consistent.  My house gets cluttered and I can’t find things I need when I need them.  I’m not organized!  So when I came across a post showcasing a binder that helped you keep all the information you need in the same place, I immediately knew this is what I needed.

So here it is, the binder.  I’m sharing each element and how I plan to use it, as well as where to find the free printable.

Home Management Binder Cover
I found that little deer graphic in Microsoft clipart – LOVE

1.  Cover Pages

Home Organizing Binder - Cover Page

I found a really nice two-tone binder at Fred Meyer – I love the double inside pockets!   And these chevron cover pages are gorgeous.  Yes, that’s a free printable.  Thank you to whoever made them!  Plus, they’re editable, which means I can put any text I want on them!  I am in heaven.  :)

Find the free editable cover pages here:  Chevron Binder Covers


2.  Divider Labels

These are my divider tab labels, aren’t they pretty?  I printed them out on cardstock and glued them to the my dividers.

Divider labels free printable

Find the free printable divider labels here:  Organization Labels


3.  Monthly Calendar

The first section in my notebook is the calendar section!

Home Management Notebook

I use this area to write down upcoming events, appointments, and other things I need to remember.

Free 2-Page Calendar

… and a place to put important dates all in one place.


Dates to Remember Page (and more!): DIY Home Sweet Home Life Planning System
Find the free 2-page calendar printable here:  Fun in Fifth’s 2013-2014 calendar
Another 2-page calendar printable I like: Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Calendar


4.  Homeschool Planner

Next is the school planner!  Yes, I had been doing it all online using Homeschool Skedtrack and I do still like that, but I’m finding that I need to be able to pencil things in as I go as well.  I think it will be easier to stay on track with school using this method!  These are the planning pages I want to use after the holidays:

Free School Planning Forms

You can find this free editable school planner here:
Money Saving Mom’s Free Homeschool Planner


5.  Blog Planner


Next up, blog organization!  I so far have printables that help keep my affiliates and reviews/giveaways in order and a place to write down my post ideas.  There are many many more wonderful printables out there that help with writing posts and keeping track, and I may need to add a few to my collection.  :)


My favorite blog organization printables:
Homeschool Creations’ Blog Planner
This Simple Home’s Review/Giveaway Planning Sheet


6.  Menu Plan

I decided to plan meals out on this monthly sheet to save on ink/paper – it’s just a blank monthly calendar but works well for the meal-planning purpose!


I also added a master meal planning list, a place to keep all of our go-to meals for easy planning.


And a grocery checklist.   Sometimes just looking at this will remind me of what I need to buy.


Love These Menu Planning Printables:
Monthly Menu Plan from Picklebums
Free Printable Grocery List @ Pinterest
Master Meal Planning List

7.  Cleaning Schedule & Lists


Everyone needs lists!  I’m using this page of separate to-do lists to keep my weekly cleaning schedule in order.  I don’t know that I will get all that done every week but I’ll try!


This one-day planner isn’t filled out completely yet.  I’m using it to give myself an idea of what I want my days to look like in general.  Two important goals are to make sure I get my quiet time with the Lord in the mornings and to make sure the kids get their quiet times (reading books or playing very quietly) every day.  Our days go SO much better when we get downtime daily.  :)


 I also have a monthly goal tracker, an exercise/diet log, a printable that organizes things I need to sell, and a long-term to-do list in this section.

Get the List Printables Here:
Clean House To-Do Lists from Clean Mama Printables
Daily Plan from Biblical Homemaking
Monthly Goal Tracker from My Love for Words
Diet/Exercise Tracker from My Love for Words
Stuff to Sell Printable from Living Well Spending Less

So far, that’s it. I think these printables will help me immensely!  I hope this post inspires you if you’ve been thinking of putting together a binder like this.  I love mine, and it was EASY to put together.  You can do it, too!

Share Your Thoughts:  How Do You Stay Organized?



9 Responses to How to Put Together a Home Management Binder (with free printables!)

  • I’m obsessed with organizational tools… to a fault! I love that blog organizer, I use that too! Organizing is fun!!! If nothing else, it at least helps me feel like I’m doing something productive… I feel like we are in a tornado phase right now where things are always a mess and I can’t keep anything organized or clean… I’m trying to embrace the messes, but it is hard!!! Thanks for sharing :)

    • I hear ya! I don’t know if I can ever “embrace” messes… it’s just something I have to clean up later, haha.

      But regarding the organization printables, it’s amazing how good it feels to have everything in one place. :) I tried to organize with different apps and programs but then I have to actually remember to look at them! haha This will be right on my desk.

  • THANK YOU for the wealth of tools you put together! This is going to help me tremendously. :-)

  • I’m so glad you like the blogging printables on my blog. Thanks for including the link.

    I am all about grocery lists, too, but I keep mine on the fridge so my husband can add to it. I have blocks for the different sections of the grocery store. (Printable at the blog.)

    Aren’t home binders great??

  • Wow this was really good to read and very helpful. Thank you.

  • Thank you so much for this post! I totally snagged some of these printables – especially the blog planner. I’ve been struggling to put together a usable home binder system, and I am horrible when it comes to planning my blog. I have too much to jam into my smaller planner, so I just couldn’t make room for any real planning. With the printables you linked to I now have the perfect way to plan! Maybe now I will blog more!

    I’m going to have to browse the rest of your blog to see what other amazing posts you have!

    Your new follower,
    Stephanie from Collie Brook Crossing :-)

  • Awesome printable it can be a pain to find half descent ones! I was wondering what kind of program you use to make these printable!

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