A homeschooling mom's review of "In Freedom's Cause", an exciting historical audio drama with top performers!

All about the In Freedom’s Cause Single Package

In Freedom’s Cause is a high-quality, dramatized audio version of the exciting book written by G.A. Henty following the real-life historical adventures of William Wallace and Robert Bruce.  Not familiar with G.A. Henty?  He was an English writer from the 1800’s who is famous for his historical adventure novels, which are as engaging as they are well-written. Here’s what Heirloom Audio Productions has says about the story on the back cover of the CD:


What we received and how we used it

I received the In Freedom’s Cause 2-CD set and had access to all of the e-bonuses listed on the order page.  This includes:

  • The In Freedom’s Cause Study Guide and Discussion Starter
  • Printable copy of The Prayer of William Wallace
  • In Freedom’s Cause soundtrack MP3
  • A 30-minute behind-the-scenes documentary
  • The original In Freedom’s Cause ebook by G.A. Henty (redesigned and illustrated!)
  • A promotional poster

I love that so much is added to the kids’ (and my own!) education through all of these awesome resources!  The music on the MP3 soundtrack is truly gorgeous and emotive, the original ebook by G.A. Henty is so well-written I couldn’t put it down, and the detailed study guide contains photos, maps, illustrations, vocabulary, questions to ask for reading comprehension, and more.  Here’s a sample page of the study guide:

in freedom's cause

What the kids and I thought

My parents are nearby right now and I discovered something cool about their RV – it has a CD player and the sound system is surround sound!  The kids and I visited them for a series of audio theater nights and listened to In Freedom’s Cause.  It was AWESOME.  It was like being at the theater, we were just missing popcorn and a huge screen.  But we didn’t need a screen, of course.  :) I was honestly blown away by the quality of this performance – it’s so nicely done you feel like you’re watching it.  The story is enveloping for adults and children alike, and the characters are well-developed.  The acting is superb, and no wonder!  When I discovered that Anna from Downton Abbey was one of the actresses, I could hardly contain myself.  How cool!  There are also actors from The Chronicles of NarniaLord of the Rings, and Braveheart.


The fact that this exciting story is educational is just icing on the cake.  I learned so much about the history of Scotland, and was moved by the integrity and courage of the main characters. The kids were enthralled, even my son who is only 4.  He was sold at “sword fights”.  Emma was fascinated as well.  They were so keenly disappointed when we had to take a break from listening for the night once that there were loud protests and cries of “Noooo, we can’t stop here!” to be dealt with.  No one wanted to stop.  Here’s a video clip showing what it was like and how the kids responded:

Who will appreciate it

This is a story you will want your sons and daughters listening to, friends.  It’s a wonderful, inspiring, encouraging adventure that is a total thrill to listen to.  I highly recommend it for all ages, but I think kids and teens who are a little bit older will appreciate the history brought alive in such a cool way and understand exactly how significant it is.  They will also be able to use the study guide to its fullest and can also read the book by G.A. Henty and do a comparison.

Where to find it

You can order In Freedom’s Cause here.  There are multiple packages you can choose from, ranging from buying just the audio online ($19.99) to buying value packs that allow you to share the love with others for an affordable price and including the bonuses I referred to above.

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