I love Christmas. Not the mass consumerism part so much (though I like to shop as much as the next woman, especially for my lil’ munchkin) but the nice Christmas atmosphere. The old Miracle on 34th Street (the best version with Maureen O’Hara) kind of atmosphere, when people can slow down and enjoy the holidays and think about others more often than they do in their day-to-day life. The Christmas tree, the wrapping of presents, the Gingerbread Men, and the lights. Maybe the reason I’m really loving it all is because it’s our first real Christmas since I’ve been married and since I became a teen and the magic sort of disappeared. I have my own little girl now and I’m enjoying all of the Christmas magic because of and through her. I guess most parents do that. :-)

What do you do to make Christmas special in your house? I’ve been reading of some wonderful traditions and I want to start some of my own. My favorites so far are:

  • Wrapping a shoe box present for Jesus and putting it under the tree. Everyone writes something personal, something nice they’ve done or a blessing they’re thankful for, and puts it in the box. Each year they add to it.
  • Making Gingerbread Houses together or Gingerbread Men – the decorating is the fun part, of course!
  • Making your own advent calendar (there are SO many options and tutorials online!) and opening one box a day for the month of December. You could make little ornaments out of boxes or shaped canisters from the dollar store, decorate and number them, and then put anything you wanted inside them for your little ones to be surprised with!

I have plans for the future, things I want to do when Emma is older and knows what is going on. Right now she thinks it’s Christmas every day what with all the reviewing I’ve done the last couple of months – lol. I have put a couple of things aside to put under the tree at the last minute, but she won’t really know what is going on. I’ll enjoy it, though. And, of course, it’s all about photos, right? :-)

So what are your Christmas traditions? What is your favorite part of Christmas?



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