SleepyWrap.  Need I say more?  :)

Actually, it’s not only finding the time to blog that’s the issue, it’s being able to put more than two thoughts together so I sound like a semi-intelligent human being.  It’s hard!  I’m looking forward to being able to do it while the kids are napping – right now I’m so tired I nap at the same time… so not much quiet time until about 10 or 11 p.m.

Emma is still pacifier-free and since that first no-more-pacifiers night things have gone smoothly.  She’s asked for a pacifier a couple of times in the last week but there was no whining or crying once I reminded her it broke and we had to throw it away.  I’m starting to feel that waiting on their time is good.  Mommies can usually tell when it’s a good time… just don’t do what we did and buy more pacifiers in a weak moment! :)

We’re moving very VERY close to potty training now.  Emma immediately takes her own diaper off after going in it, whether poo or pee, something that has made diaper time much more interesting than it has ever been… and not so much fun for me.  She’s proud of herself, though, and I’m hoping we’re closer.  She’s still never gone in the potty and I’m not sure yet how to get her to that point.  She doesn’t mind sitting on it so I just keep reminding her to sit on it often throughout the day and hopefully she’ll go and I can reward her.  She doesn’t seem to get it quite yet since she  pops up and cries gaily, “All DONE!” then moves on to another activity.

Any advice on that would be awesome!



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  • I am a teacher to kids with severe disabilities and have taught older kids how to use the bathroom. What works takes time and patience.

    Take her into the bathroom every 15 to 20 minutes and have her sit on the toilet. Explain to her over and over again why your there. Maybe read a story to her while she sits. At first, reward every time she just sits and then reward her like a slot machine rewards you. Every now and then just enough to keep you playing. When she does use the toilet make it like she hit the JACKPOT. I can’t do this, but you can lead by example using the toilet and reward yourself BIG :)

    Also, kids usually have the same time that they have a bowel movement, so try to get her in the bathroom around that time. Explain to her how she will get these physical feelings that tells her it is time to go poop, of course in language she understands.

    Every time after she has dirtied her diaper talk to her and ask her to point to where her body is feeling the movement. This will help her to understand what her body is telling her. Then ask her to tell you when she is getting that feeling. Reward anything and everything even if it is with hugs and loving words.

    Good luck, Donna

  • My 2 1/2 year old just peed in the potty for the second time last night. The first time was months ago when we had just gotten her potty. I think I just managed to get her to try it at just the right time. She didn’t show a lot of interest in it though and still didn’t care if she had a wet or dirty diaper. Now when she has a dirty diaper she gets everything out and tells me “need to change my diaper” I’m thinking that is definitely a sign we are moving in the right direction! We got some potty books from the library and she likes to sit on her potty and read those. That is the only way she will stay on it for very long and I’m sure it is why she was there long enough to pee last night. The look on her face was pretty funny when she heard the pee hitting the bottom! We made a big deal of it so I’m hoping this might be the start of actual potty training. I just keep taking her in there and letting her read those books and we’ll see how it goes. I have really been waiting for her to show me some signs that she is ready because we’ve had a lot going on with speech therapy and I don’t want to overwhelm her.

  • Not sure how old your daughter is, but I had success with both my kids by entering into the potty training stage quickly just a little before they were three. With both kids, when I started training we concentrated fully on training. I did not mess with pull-ups and we went directly from diapers to underpants in a matter of a few days (with the exception of nighttime sleeping). I started both kids off with a basket full of matchbox cars next to their potty. If they went potty, they received a car and a lot of compliments from Mommy. After going successfully around 15 times we transitioned to a sticker chart. I had a few larger toys saved in the basement that I had picked up at various garage sales and used them as rewards for going number 2. It’s getting over the scared of potty stage that is crucial. If you can convince her that going potty is fun, she’ll do well. Soon she’ll gain confidence and will surprise you by her independence. You’ll probably encounter a few set-backs but make sure you are consistent and loving in your training.

    Oh yes, we did read a few books during the weeks before starting our potty training. It seemed to help my kids internalize the process.

  • Gabe is potty training now, too. He started like you guys are: he would sit, but not go. We started with stickers as motivation – he would get a sticker each time he went on the potty, but the problem was that he didn’t want to TRY. So we added motivation – he got a jelly bean each time he tried and that worked. BUT, his idea of “trying” was sitting on there for about a second. So we started counting to 30 (sometimes really slow) before he could get off if he wanted the jelly bean for trying. Eventually he started going when he was up there. Just keep getting her on and sitting for as long as she can. Eventually she will do it. : )

  • Oh, I forgot to say that the stickers went on a chart on the refrigerator. This was huge for him because he got to see how many times he was able to do it – and it motivated him to do it some more.

    And you look fabulous in your picture here, Mama! Just had to add that!

  • I can say that stickers on the fridge worked for us. I made my 2.5 year old daughter some ‘well done’ stickers with her favourite childrens TV character on and a chart to put them on. I also added stars on the sticker and if she ever got 3 stars on any one day I bought her a small prize such as a sticker book or colouring book. Still not fully potty trained but we are getting there for sure. Loved reading this post.

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