Seriously, this has been a big issue for us for the past year.  I told myself that at 2 I would take Emma’s pacifier away and her birthday came – and I wimped out.  She was only 2, right?  Still a baby…

Another defense is that I got pregnant again that same month and was so sick the last thing on my mind was the pacifier.

Over the last couple of years, there have been different degrees of Emma’s obsession with the pacifier.  For awhile she left it in her crib and only wanted it at night.  Then the baby came and she decided she needed it every moment of every day.  I look back now and realize there were perfect times to make the pacifiers disappear.  But I didn’t.

And we would be over this by now if my dear darling husband hadn’t gone out shopping with Emma once and come home with two more packs of pacifiers.  He is SUCH a pushover when it comes to Emma, and she didn’t even talk that much back then!  Wait until she realizes all she has to do is bat her eyelashes and say, “Please daddy?”.  I shudder to think.

Anyway, now Emma is almost 3 and I’ve been telling myself that I have to wean her before her birthday which is in two months (May).  But, due to my wishy washyness about Emma’s tears and earthquake-inducing wails, I decided I needed my husband’s help and support with this.  Together we can do anything, right?

After all, we CREATED this child with a pacifier obsession!

So about a week ago we had a conversation that went like this:

Me: So… I’m thinking that we need to wean Emma off of the pacifier.

John: Why?

Me: (Incredulous)  Well, aren’t you tired of looking for the pacifier all the time?  I am!  Oh, I guess it’s me who is having to get up in the middle of the night and look for it it under the crib and search for it before bedtime and naptime.  I’m really tired of it and she doesn’t need it anymore.

John: But she’s not even three yet!

Me: She’s three in two months!

John: (silence)

Me: Fine, we’ll wait two more months, but that’s all.

Who would have thought that I would have to be the tough one here?

Well, yesterday something happened that I wasn’t expecting.  Emma is on her LAST pacifier (Where do those things GO?  Seriously they’re all over our house but we can’t find ONE.) and the night before last  she bit a hole in it.  She fussed a bit (“It’s broken!“) then stuck it in her mouth and went to sleep.

Last night she bit the end off completely.

And oh the crying and gnashing of teeth.  We put her to bed and she wouldn’t sleep, cried for about 10 minutes.  Then John and I both went into the room and when she told us with tears in her eyes and a tremulous voice (oh so sad!) that her pacifier was broken again, we told her we couldn’t fix it.  Then we tucked her in, told her to hug her glow seahorse tight, kissed her goodnight, and left the room.

And guess what?  She slept all night!

This whole time I’ve been dreading the pacifier weaning process, thinking I’d be up with her throughout the night and dealing with a lot of crying.

I’m SO glad!  Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there will be some annoyance today when she realizes she can’t have her pacifier.  But we’re on the way to success!  YAY!

Now I just have THIS little guy to deal with.



10 Responses to How {NOT} To Wean Your Child From The Pacifier

  • Seriously, I think kids do what they need to when they need to, why rush them? Some people have to be so controlling with their kids cause they just think it’s the ‘right’ thing to do :/ My son had a very bad obsession with pacifiers and he had them late but one day he just decided he was done and that was that! A number is just a number and every child is different :D Good luck and that’s awesome that things are working out for you!

    • I have to admit I’ve felt pressured. lol I would never judge anyone whose child had a habit or security toy/blankie or sucked their thumb past a certain age. It doesn’t matter to me and it’s not like it damages the child.

      It HAS been a total pain dealing with finding the pacifier in the middle of the night and before bed, though. Sometimes I’m just too tired to be spending that much time looking for a pacifier.

      Anyway, she was obviously done with it. :) Yay!

  • Way to go Emma!!! My son didn’t take a pacifier, but he loved his bottle and I dreaded breaking him of it, but once I did, it was a one day thing and he was over it! I think they are smarter and stronger than we give them credit….now if I can only get him out of my bed lol.

    • LOL – it’s hard breaking them of these things, isn’t it? I think secretly we don’t want them to lose these baby habits. :) Once it’s over it’s over forever!

  • One night my daughter was cranky at night time -so i gave her 1 pacifier in her mouth and 1 to hold in her hand- NOW i have a big problem- i have to find away to get rid of 2 of them…so good luck- hope it works the next night- but dont stress about it….Mine’s only 17 months- so i ‘m not thinking about it now- ok- i am -i wish i could get rid of them- b/c she drives me crazy for them- ugh

    good luck again

    • Haha, I SO SO SO know the feeling! Yeah, 17 months is young… I wouldn’t worry about it. But if she starts losing interest even the tiniest bit, make them disappear! Course I’m telling you that and look at me. ;-) I really don’t know if it’s easier to wait until they are ready and spend all that time for another year or so looking for pacifiers… or just get it all over with at once. If I added up all the time I’ve spent in the past 3 years looking for pacifiers it would probably be about two weeks. lol

  • All of my kids, but one took a pacifier. Most of them were super easy to break, except for Lucy. It was horrible. We ended up waiting until she was almost 3 and a half before we finally got it away from her for good. We tried everything with her, but it was to no avail. We ended up giving her pacis to the Easter Bunny so that he could leave them in baskets for new babies. It worked, but she still hates the Easter Bunny.

    Does Isaac use the gumdrop pacifiers? I bought a bunch of the vanilla scented ones, and Gage hates them. If you want them, I’ll drop ’em in the mail to you. I’d hate to just throw them away!

  • we had a harder time weaning my youngest off his thumb. I haven’t really pushed it, we didn’t use pacifiers more then for 7hour drives to grandmas. There was one time though he used me for his pacifier for 3hours! oh my back.

    • LOL! That is totally why I started giving Emma pacifiers – I was determined NOT to be her personal pacifier. She didn’t even like them at first. Guess this is what I get!

  • AppleBlossom has maybe a dozen I think. I only know of one that is for sure lost, but now that I think about it there is one other that I haven’t seen in a few weeks/months(?). She is pretty much only allowed to have hers at nap time, bedtime, and in the car seat. When we’re out an about she is not allowed to have it… the times when that changes are singing in church… and definite teething days. (Did I mention we’re working on all four canines?)

    Well she’s just about 20 months old. But pacifiers were something I was against from the beginning, but at about 6 months or so it was a necessity! Nothing else worked. I’ve just made it a rule (that she understands, but doesn’t really like) that pacifiers are for when you’re in the bed only. Sit in the bed and read if you like, but no pacifiers out and about!

    But as far as security goes, she has her babbies and you better believe I’m never taking that away!

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