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I’m somewhat ashamed to admit that I’ve been on the “formal preschool curriculum is not necessary” bandwagon for awhile now.  My daughter didn’t need it – she naturally learned by playing games with me and watching Brainy Baby DVD’s.  But I forgot one very important fact:  All kids are different!

My son is 4 1/2 now and he is so eager for his own “school”.  He watches his sister and wants the same books she has!  He wants to learn his alphabet, numbers, and shapes.  He loves workbooks with a passion and takes pride in completed pages.  He needs the busy work, he thrives off of it.

How could I be so narrow-minded?  Silly me.  : )

I have the Schoolhouse Review Crew to thank for this opportunity to try the Horizons Preschool Curriculum Set from Alpha Omega Publishing.  Interested in learning more about it?  Read on!

Horizons Preschool Curriculum

Ding dong!  The mail is here!  Isaac’s new curriculum came in a surprisingly heavy box that, when opened, revealed two workbooks, two teacher’s guides, a resource packet, and a sing-along music CD.

My first impression:  I was pleased!  The workbook seemed to cover all the bases.  I showed Isaac and he jumped up and down and begged me to let him get started immediately.


How it’s working for Isaac

We have really enjoyed doing this together.  It’s been a great bonding time and a huge learning time for him.  I’ve seen him grow.  I have everything laid out for me in the teacher’s guide, including a short Bible lesson/concept which I was happy was included.

All important subjects are covered – maybe a little more than is absolutely necessary some days, but you can pick and choose what you want to do each day according to what your child’s attention span is like.  That said, I found most of the activities to be short, simple, and fun – doable.

Here’s a sample lesson:

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You can see more samples here!

The resource guide is really cool because it has science, phonics, math, weather, and calendar learning posters, scripture cards, and more.  If I was trying to print all of that stuff off, it would cost me a fortune!  It’s all neatly organized for me and ready to grab when the lesson calls for it.

Horizons Preschool Curriculum Review

The workbook is Isaac’s favorite part of preschool time – it’s illustrations and colorful and engaging, and the activities differ every day.  Some days he’ll be tracing letters, other days cutting and pasting.

Final Thoughts:

I love this curriculum.  It’s easy to follow, keeps Isaac happy and busy, and has helped him learn so much.  I appreciate that it isn’t dumbed down – the material gradually gets harder as we go and is meant to be meaty, to spark the imagination and encourage questions.  I can see why it’s used in many Christian schools!

I’m pleased to be able to recommend this preschool curriculum!

The complete Horizons preschool set including teacher guides, resource packet, sing-a-long CD, and workbooks retails for $125.95.  You can find it online at the Alpha Omega Website.


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  • Great review! This is the preschool curriculum I was telling you that I had tried (eEeEeEkkkkk!!!!) We tried it with our first so the busy work was a royal pain…….On the positive flip side though, you are right about the busy work with a younger sibling~ it is SO nice to have something to keep the younger ones busy when they want to do just what their older sibling is doing! A true lifesaver :) Funny how perspectives change depending on birth order. Each warrants their own needs!

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