How to make a felt holiday garland

This tutorial does involve your sewing machine, but it is SO easy.  I promise!

This is such a fun and rewarding project!  Brighten up your tree or fireplace with a super cute garland made from scraps of felt cut into random shapes and sizes – so easy and inexpensive!  Felt can be purchased at craft stores for very inexpensive (I bought a huge package of random colors for $4.99 at Joann Fabrics).

On to the How-To!

1.  Cut felt into random shapes with regular scissors (sewing scissors work best) and pinking shears (I used these).

2.  Starting with the first piece sew a straight stitch all the way through to end.

3.  Let the sewing machine run itself off the piece and sew about 3 stitches on nothing (I hope that make sense).

4.  Lift the presser foot…

5.  …and place the next piece in position.  Lower presser foot and sew through to end.  Continue with same instructions as steps 2-4.

Before long you should have a beautiful garland ready to hang.  :)

More felt tutorials coming soon!

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