I’ve discovered the joys of painting on fabric and there are very few solid t-shirts left in the house as a result.  Hm, what else can I stencil?  Hand towels? Socks? Sheets?  John had better guard his t-shirts with his life because eventually I’m going to run out of things to stencil and I’m going to be eyeing his dresser.  ;-)

The How-To:

Here are the supplies I gathered:

♥  Retro Tulip Soft Fabric Paint
♥  Sponge Pouncers
♥  Crafter’s Square 4-Pack Stencils (I grabbed mine at the Dollar Tree and can’t find them anywhere online but these look pretty cute, too!)
♥  Paper or cardboard
♥  Tape

1.  Pre-wash fabric/shirts.
2.  Tape your stencil to the area of fabric you want to paint.
3.  Place paper or cardboard underneath the area you’ll be painting so it doesn’t bleed through to the back.
4.  Using the sponge tip brush, apply paint.  The instructions on my paint said to apply four coats.
5.  Let dry for four hours or more.

I really love the colors that came in the package of paints I bought – so vivid!

Stenciling Tips:

– Different types of fabrics will absorb the paint differently.  I had to apply more paint to Emma’s shirts with a bit of stretch in them.
–  Depending on the fabric, you might want to iron it before painting.
–  You can set the paint by ironing it (with a press cloth) 24 hours after it dries.
–  For very small details, use q-tips.

Tell me you don’t want to give this a try!  :)


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