In four days, I’ll officially be at the 12-week mark in my pregnancy and entering the second trimester!  It’s been a bit of an ordeal so far.  From the time I found out I was pregnant again I’ve dealt with some degree of nausea.  The first few weeks it wasn’t so bad, but about the second month of my pregnancy I had severe nausea lasting all day and night.  I didn’t even get off the couch, it was that bad.

Now, in my third month, I’m handling it much better.  It’s still a strange pattern – in fact, my “morning” sickness is actually “evening” sickness.  At about 6 p.m every night without fail I begin feeling sick and can’t stomach anything.  I can’t wait for bedtime because sleep = sweet relief from feeling like I’m going to lose …  something.  Everything.  Then I wake up feeling great in the morning.  Isn’t that weird?  Oh well, I guess every pregnancy is different!

And so unpredictable!

How I’ve Survived So Far…

I consider myself almost a nausea expert now, though only on how to handle my nausea.  After reading advice online on how to handle this abominable sickness (advice both crazy and practical), I think the best thing for pregnant moms to do is to try many things, finding what works for them.  It really depends on what you crave, too.  Some women feel better after eating pickles, others feel they’ll die if they don’t get a milkshake (yes I’m talking about you, Erin).  Some people just can’ t eat anything or they will lose it.  I didn’t have that problem – I never threw up though I sure wanted to at times.  It was like a blessing and a curse at once!

I think the best overall tips for keeping the worst nausea at bay are to eat small meals throughout the day (never overeat, it’s a bad, bad thing to do – but don’t let yourself get too hungry, either) and to keep saltine crackers by the bed and eat a few before you get up in the morning and maybe in the middle of the night.  That helped me through the worst part of my morning sickness and I would advise any green pregnant mom to give it a try.

Other things that have helped me:

  • Getting plenty of rest
  • Eating what sounds good at the time (and not overeating)
  • Avoiding smells that set me off (I’ve avoided the kitchen pretty much the whole time)
  • Not letting myself get too hungry
  • Not overeating (oh the stomachache I gave myself… ugh)
  • Drinking ginger ale and ginger teas

I’m so thankful to be through the worst stage now.  I’m still suffering at night, but it’s nice to know that when I wake up I’ll feel better!  And in six short months I’ll be holding a little baby and forget all about this.

Just like I did before I got pregnant this time…  ;-)


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