How adorable would it be to have your little ones calling you “mummy” in an English accent? I can just see it now, my little girl running up to me and saying, *imagine the accent* “Mummy, my legs are still quite short. Is this completely normal?”
Not convinced? You have to watch this episode of Charlie and Lola:

How cute is that? I so want these on DVD! Emma watched it with me and kept looking up at me and grinning.

So. Do you think that if we watch these enough we’ll all eventually develop accents? I think it’s worth a try! lol

Yes, I’m one of those people who thinks accents are cool. ;-)

Have you ever seen Charlie and Lola?
What do you think of the episode I included in this post?

Thank you sooo much for sharing this post! :-)



4 Responses to How to Teach Your Child To Speak With a Cute British Accent

  • Yes it was on the TV when we had TV, but the boys didn't develop the accents. My oldest boy does have a NewEngland Accent. He's going to "pack the caa" (park the car)

  • I've never heard of them before. That would be so CUTE if my son started talking with an English accent, hehe!

  • My husband is British and we live in the US. My daughter wont have a super cute accent and it makes me so sad! My girlfriend (American) moved to the UK and married a Brit as well. She had a baby boy last year and named him Charlie. I wonder if she has a girl will she name her Lola?

  • Hi, I’m English and living in England we all have English accents. Our TV is swamped with American shows and my kids have no hint of a US accent! Unless you stick your kids in front of English TV 24hours and never expose them to the world around them – then they’re not going to pick up the accent… maybe just the odd phrase.

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