A Twist in the PathBrings Us to a New Home

Little did I know when I accepted the offer of a plane ticket to visit my hometown in Alaska last April that that trip would be the beginning of a new journey for my family.

My kids and I had barely settled into my little country rental in Oregon – where I had fully intended to stay a long, long time – when I left for a 10-day business/pleasure trip to visit my extended family (and grandmother) and learn about essential oils.  During that trip, I enjoyed the nostalgia of staying in the home I had lived for some time in as a child, spent time with my family and many friends that I had thankfully not allowed myself to lose touch with, and received more than one offer to give me and my kids a place to stay and support if I ever decide to move there.


Of course, the wheels started turning in my head.  Things in Oregon weren’t great – we were feeling isolated and there weren’t a lot of opportunities for me there job-wise.  I wasn’t attached to the state in any way, and my parents, who were so full of love and support for us, would have to leave for Arizona soon.

To be honest I wasn’t sure it was actually happening until … well, God opened a door and made it happen.  Isn’t it amazing how He works?  In some ways, it seems that the whole thing happened quickly – and I guess that if you consider it’s only been a year since my ex left… well, that is quick.  In other ways, the year has been the longest I’ve endured.  That’s how it is with divorce or any life change like that, though.

The short story is that my ex and I worked on and agreed upon a long-distance parenting plan, I packed up about eight boxes of what I deemed “important belongings” and mailed them to Alaska, threw away/donated/sold the rest of our stuff, gave my notice to my landlord and landlady who had become good friends (I was sad to leave them), and hopped on a plane to Alaska.  With my cat.  ;)

Of course, at the time it seemed like it took forever to finally get here.  If you’ve ever moved out of state, you probably know what I’m talking about.   But now that I look back I see just how much work the last year has been… it’s no wonder I’m exhausted!


Check that out – it’s already snowed once here!  *faints*

There is so much nostalgia all around.  I’ve wanted to move back to Alaska since we left when I was a teen – it’s where I have the happiest memories.  My grandma, aunt and uncle, and cousins and their children all live here along with my own childhood friends, and I am SO pleased to be given the gift of raising my kids here.  I’m still staying in the house that I spent many of my childhood years in, and it’s so much fun. It’s just a lot smaller than I remember it being… ;)

The kids were finally able to meet their great-grandma in real life, and the years of Facetime and Skype totally paid off because they were instantly bonded.  Watching them play in the same woods and climb the same trees that I did as a child does something good to my heart.   Not only that, they have cousins their age living right next door and they have hit it off perfectly.


So what’s the plan now?  To see what else God has in store for us!  I’ll continue making over this blog until I figure out just where it’s heading, homeschool the kids (Emma is starting up 2nd grade and Isaac preschool), and enjoy the company and support of my cool family here.  I also have an awesome job lined up as soon as we settle in here, and look forward to finding out where God is going to put us here.

More to come soon!


5 Responses to How We Ended Up in Beautiful, Wild Alaska

  • How exciting, and congratulations! Big moves with kids are so hard! I am glad that it is rewarding for you. Also I would love to go to Alaska one day. Looking forward to what comes next for your little family.

  • Glad you are settling in with family and praying things look up for you and the children as you have a great life in Alaska. So glad you were open to God’s leading and it will be good for you. Enjoy the snow! Stay in touch as I enjoy watching your adorable children grow up! Hugs!

  • I look forward to reading about your family”s Alaska adventure. It never ceases to amaze e how the Lord works everything together in His perfect timing.

  • Isn’t it wonderful to move into God’s plan? I am looking forward to reading more :-)

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