I love printables!
I want to put the birds on my Christmas tree!
From Rubbergob (but I guess the bird craft isn’t available anymore… maybe you can just enlarge the picture and print it.)
Discovered at CRAFT


This Thanksgiving tree is the cutest! Click HERE to go to the PDF file – there is also another tree that says “Giving”. From Chocolate On My Cranium. Go to her post to find out how she uses this great tree! And thanks to Blissfully Domestic for posting this! They have another idea – putting the leaves on real tree branches, brilliant!


Another Thanksgiving printable for your kids (or any kids that are coming for Thanksgiving) from Jan Brett’s site. There are coloring pages for every holiday and from every book and they are so cute! And free!


Sweet Lil’ Birdie Notecard from Blue Argyle


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