…and failed!

Apparently I am not strong enough yet.

I made a great effort though, and found something that worked well for us – it’s only that I gave in one night when I was exceptionally tired and Emma was crying pitifully because she wanted her “paci”.  It was sad.  I was tired.  Need I say more?

My valiant attempt involved rubbing a clove of garlic on the tip of the pacifier.  This was during the day.  She put the pacifier in her mouth and immediately took it back out and stuck her tongue out.  Ewwww!  Then she walked away.

Later that night I did the same thing at bedtime and she reacted the same way.  There were a few extra tears, but she went to sleep finally.  I put the yucky pacifier on the changing table that is attached to her crib and left the room.  I was so happy – there was not a peep all night!

I awakened in the morning feeling I had conquered the world – our first night without the paci! So what do I do?  Walk into the nursery to get Emma and start our morning routine… and the pacifier is in her mouth.  What was I thinking to leave the pacifier so close?  And when did she brave the garlicky taste and pop that paci in her mouth – immediately after I left the room the night before or that morning?  I’ll never know if she actually spent the night without the pacifier.

The next day I started again with the garlicky taste.  That night, I gave in.  I think I was feeling defeated when I found her with the pacifier in her mouth that morning, though.

Maybe next time I’ll try cutting the tip off.  That way there can be no giving in (on my part).  We are on our last pacifier.  I have no idea where the rest are (there must be 10 or so hiding around the house!) and I have no desire whatsoever to put one more dollar into pacifiers.

Being a mom requires strength, let me tell you!


7 Responses to I attempted to wean Emma off the pacifier… and…

  • Weaning is such a chore! Pacis are such a huge blessing until they become a huge curse, right? I’ve heard of the pacifier fairy coming to take pacifiers and leaving something else in its place. May be worth a try?

    • That’s a good idea but I don’t think my daughter would really know what in the world I’m talking about. lol I guess it’s just destined to be painful… though I will of course do my best to make it not too painful. :)

      And so true, a blessing and a curse! lol

  • Oh I had the hardest time weaning my daughter and I think it was more ME than her. She wouldn’t use it at the babysitters house ALL DAY even at nap time but for me I had her so that she would only use it at nap time and bed time. Finally my babysitter told me all I had to do was toss it out, since she never used it there, she obviously didn’t need it at my house. I finally got brave and threw out all pacifiers in the house and she never went back.

    Of course this daughter is now almost 8 and my memory is not so good, therefore I can’t say whether I had some sleepless nights or nights. She was 2 years old though when I finally had her weaned from it, so between 2 and 3 she was finally done with it.

    Good luck! You can do this!!!
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    • It truly is probably hurting us more than it is hurting them! I just feel so bad – I know she doesn’t fully understand why I’m suddenly saying the pacifier is “bad”, “yucky”, “not for big girls”… sometimes I think I’m drawing out the drama and I should just throw it away.

      I think I will!

  • This is such funny timing. YESTERDAY was my son Gabriel’s 1st nap and bedtime without his binky. I was down to 2. I lost one about 3 days ago and now I lost my final one before naps. I knew it was a sign. I had those same 2 binkies for 6 months…then to loose them both in a few days.

    I told him that we couldn’t find it and he would be okay. He asked for it, but took a nap without a problem. Then the night came…whew! Let me tell you, it was a good thing I didn’t know where they were or I think I would have given in. He kept asking me for it. I told him the binky fairy, etc. I didn’t have time to plan. He told me “the fairy mad?” and “want to go Target, buy new binky” and cried a lot.

    Wish me luck with the next few days…I know they are the toughest. (I did this with my daughter about a year ago) I keep telling myself that his teeth are going to get messed up and the time has to come at some point.. I hope you can stick to it as well. :-)
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    • Strangely enough, it helps a lot knowing someone else is out there suffering along with me! lol What we do for our children…

      Good luck, and I’m going to work on it this week as well. It really is about us moms being stronger and not giving in. But we really want to give them what want when they’re crying pitifully and we know they don’t fully understand why it’s suddenly not okay to have the paci.

      We can do it!

  • Oh, this must be so hard. Surprisingly, my son didn’t take to one (as I desperately tried to soothe him in any way I could as an infant) but I sucked my thumb when I was little and it took so long to wean me from that. I think I may have been 8 or 9, however it’s harder to wean something that’s attached to your body.

    The garlic is a great idea!
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