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I think this is one of the reasons we forget about pregnancy and childbirth.  If we remembered all of the details, we would never get pregnant again!  The same goes with childbirth.  I distinctly remember telling my husband after giving birth for the first time that I didn’t ever want to do that again.  One child was a really great number.

But then time started passing, my memory faded.  After a year, I still remembered enough that I was okay with one child.  But at two years, Emma is more mobile, and I’m remembering how great it was having a sister growing up.  We did everything together!  So it was just natural for me to start wishing for a sibling for Emma.  Despite the fact that I have to get pregnant and go through childbirth again for this to happen.

Note to Emma when she grows up:  I hope you appreciate that I’ve done this for you!

The last few weeks have been so awful for me.  I really want to knock those bubbly women over the head who say “I just loved being pregnant!”  Well, their pregnancy experiences must have been a lot different because I. Am. Miserable.  And I’m only at 9 weeks and 2 days.

I’ve been so exhausted I can hardly get up off the couch, bloated and dealing with heartburn off and on already, and suffering from morning sickness 24/7.

Don’t get me wrong, I know this is going to be completely and totally worth it, but right now I am so not having fun.  The highlights of my pregnancy so far have been getting the food I crave, my husband doing the dishes for me (thank you, sweetie!), and being able to go maternity clothes shopping with one of my best friends who is also pregnant.  I think Motherhood Maternity was my favorite place in the mall to get clothes.  But we did pay for it for the next few days because we were extra exhausted.  Still, it was worth it knowing I’ll be able to wear clothes that fit me when I’m able to leave the house.  :)

A week ago I got my first ultrasound, heard the baby’s heartbeat, and even got some pictures of the little dot in my uterus.  :)  Now that was a definite highlight.  It suddenly was real – I’m having another little baby!  I saw him/her move his/her head, and they gave me an estimated due date:  January 19.  Let’s hope this little one comes on or very close to the due date, not like Emma waiting 10 days after!

So that’s all for now.  I’m happy I was feeling well enough to get up and get on the computer this morning.  It’s been torture not being able to do much blog-wise lately.  They tell me that after 12 weeks things get better, though.  So I’ll be able to catch up soon.  I’m already doing much better and am hoping that when the weather gets nicer I’ll feel better, too.  Sitting outside in the sun is a big help.

I’ll keep you all updated!  ♥


5 Responses to I Didn’t Remember Pregnancy Being So… Miserable

  • Oh but think about how much better your hair is from the prenatals? and uh uh uh, you get to eat whenever you want.:p
    .-= kyooty´s last blog ..Random Tuesday Critter, 5K walking, wiifitplus, strawberries =-.

  • It’s so nice to have a sis to depend on growing up. I didn’t have one, only a brother 4 years older that I love to death, but believe me, that’s not the same. Watching you and K grow up was worth everything:)

  • Well hopefully you’ll be like me (and all of those other “bubbly women”) and be able to say you LOVE being pregnant once the misery is over. =) Once that 24/7 morning sickness passed at 12 wks, I was back to loving it. Yes, I have the heartburn and the achiness and tiredness and all (especially being almost 7mo pregnant in Arizona with 105+ degree weather) but I am really LOVING it. Hopefully you’ll have only a few more weeks of the sickness and you’ll be good. Crossing fingers for you!!

  • I hope you have better luck than I did! (Sounds like you already do, though.) I had to go on anti nausea medicine (the stuff that was originally made for chemotherapy patients) because nothing was working and I did have a 2 year old to take care of. 5 months later (yuck) it went away and I quickly forgot about it. Even though I can recall it, I can’t quite remember how miserable it made me. I do know it was worse this last time than my first. I’ve heard from a lot of people, though, that morning sickness goes away sooner with your second; here’s hoping that you’re one of those!!

  • Hope that you start to feel better soon so you can start to enjoy your pregnancy a bit more…. Emma will love having a new baby sibling!

    take care
    .-= SheilaC´s last blog ..Makes Me Happy Monday 6/21 =-.

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