I Don’t Want a Posh Dog! by Emma Dodd
Little, Brown Young Readers
June 1, 2009
Ages 2-5

This delightful children’s book (for ages 2-5) allows us to follow in the wake of an adorable little girl who knows exactly what she doesn’t want in a dog. As she comes upon them, she shows us the dogs she doesn’t want, and tells us why not in a matter-of-fact way that is absolutely endearing. You can just see her wrinkling her nose in distaste.

I don’t want a posh dog.
A blow-dry-when-washed dog.

I don’t want a bouncy dog.
A jump-up-and-pounce-me dog.

The illustrations in I Don’t Want a Posh Dog are brilliant! A touch of vintage, very bright and colorful, and evocative. The little girl and the featured dogs come alive in a fun and fanciful way. I’m sure children will love the art as much as I did.

Before the end, the little girl finds her dream dog and we find out what exactly she did want in a canine companion!

I give this sweet book five out of five stars for the delightful story and fun-to-read-aloud phrases like “I don’t want an itchy dog. A scritchy, scratchy, twitchy dog.” I would love to find more children’s books by Emma Dodd!

I was able to review this book thanks to BookLoons!

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3 Responses to I Don’t Want a Posh Dog! by Emma Dodd ♥ Children’s Book Review

  • I read this book for review last month. I was searching for my link to send it to you and some how apparently I have not yet written a review!?! THat must be pregnancy brain… So this I must do!!

  • I enjoyed reading this book! It's so cute and sweet!

    Great review!

  • sounds like such a cute book! will have to check it out for my daughter. thanks for sharing!

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