If you’ve been following this blog for awhile, you know we moved in April from an apartment to a small house.  Still renting but I was thrilled to be out of apartments!  I shared the house-hunting experience during which I searched the internet day and night for the perfect home (in our price range), the applying and waiting process, and our finally moving in.  So far it’s been great here.  No issues aside from a leaky faucet.


Thanksgiving MORNING.  Of course!

Yesterday morning I went to take my morning shower and when I turned the hot water on, nothing came out.  Okay, not exactly a great way to start the day.  We called the emergency repair line and they said they couldn’t come out since it was the holiday.  Fine, one day doesn’t seem too bad and we weren’t planning on having company at our house anyway.  I refrained from throwing a pregnancy-hormone-induced tantrum.  A few dishes piled in the sink for one night, no biggie.  I didn’t think I could go a whole day without washing my hair (my hair is the type that gets oily by the end of the day) and so stuck my head in the shower and washed my hair that way, in the coldest water EVER.  It was so cold it actually hurt my head.  lol  But I had clean hair so I was happy.

And we had a great Thanksgiving, by the way.  :)  I was happy to be home with my little family, the turkey turned out fabulous, and the pumpkin cheesecake from Costco was YUMMY.

Then today. Today, the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday, we have repairmen here from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and then 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.  When they leave, we have a brand new hot water heater… but no hot water.

When I turn on the hot water faucet nothing comes out.  There is cold water pressure but no hot. Apparently there’s something clogging the hot water line and they couldn’t figure it out in the 3 hours they were here.  (It took the guy at least an hour to figure out where to turn off the water to our house – he literally turned off all the neighbors accidentally before finding ours.)  I wouldn’t care about this stuff but he didn’t fix it before he left!  *cry*

I got through this day with a smile on my face because I thought I would get a hot shower and get the dishes done by evening, but that didn’t happen.  I feel so dirty – I just want a shower!  When the plumber left he said he didn’t know what was wrong and that he was waiting on the landlady for direction.  He took our number so he could update us we haven’t heard from him yet.  And he said he had another job elsewhere tomorrow so I don’t know what will happen.

My friends, don’t take your hot shower in the morning for granted.  Enjoy it, take an extra moment and feel thankful for being clean… because it truly is a blessing.

And remember.  Just because an old house looks charming doesn’t mean it is.  It could be nothing but trouble!  I’m just hoping that this is the last of the problems before winter really sets in.

Now I must eat some chocolate chips.


10 Responses to I Live in a Charming Old House… or NOT!!!!!!!

  • how aweful for us we would of contacted the village to see if they shut the water off. maybe they were working on a main line from a water main break. Hopefully that was the case for you. hugs hope you can get that shower in soon

  • Yuck! That has got to be so frustrating! It always seems that once something is taken away, that’s when you realize how much you rely on and appreciate that thing. We had our power out for several hours due to someone hitting a pole a few weeks ago and it was the longest 3 hours. I realized how unprepared we were for a power outage and I realized how much we take advantage of our power.

    I am so sorry you are without hot water, I would go crazy and hate when my hair feels greasy. *Hugs* to you and hope you get your hot water back soon!

  • A little advice from a person with little money and less luck. I have been in your situation many, many times. Heat some water on the stove or in the microwave and add some cold until you get to a nice temp for a sponge bath. Better than filthy. I had a nasty car wreck once and couldn’t get out of bed. One of the sweetest, most romantic and sexiest things ever- my boyfriend would get a big bowl of hot water and lean my head over another large bowl. He then washed my hair- a’ la ‘Out of Africa’. He did this every night for 6 weeks, because I hated for my hair to feel dirty. It was wonderful. Grab your honey and do this, if nothing else. Seriously.

    • Thank you for your tips, April! I wondered why I hadn’t thought of that, lol. Yesterday they couldn’t come out to finish fixing it so I boiled water and dumped it into the sink, giving myself a mini bath and at least getting my hair clean. I felt SO much better. We had a great rest of the day, I even made it the putting up the Christmas tree day and we had a great time. :) Today we have hot water, yaaay!

      That was so sweet of your boyfriend, by the way! What a great thing for him to do – and RARE for a guy to be so selfless!

      • It was sweet, but not so selfless. For some inexplicable reason, he was very into doing it, if you know what I mean.

        We actually broke up because of his inability to be supportive during my recuperation.

        It is all good, though. After about a decade of bitter silence, he called to apologize and now we are good friends.

        I am so glad you have hot water. It is awful to not have it this time of year. The cold water that is coming out of my tap right now is absolutely frigid.

  • Wow that sucks BUT at least this is happening before the new baby arrives and at least you don’t have to pay for that hot water tank, right? I hope? lol.

    3.5 yrs ago I replaced the hot water tank in my old house because it stopped working and was about to fall through the floor. The price? $800! Then we moved over here to my Grandma’s house (my house now) and guess what started leaking in the middle of freakin’ winter while I was home all alone? Luckily my dad found a brand new one on craigslist for $200 and we split the cost but of course I had to wait like 3 weeks for him to bother to put it in.

    So is everything fixed now?

    • Both very valid positive ways to look at the situation, LOL. It was hard at the time to be positive. ;-) But you’re right, we didn’t have to pay for anything, it happened before the baby, and it actually improved our hot water situation in the long run! We have better pressure now – i think that clog was there a long time.

      And YES! No one could come out yesterday so we boiled water and washed up and did the dishes (only took like 3 hours to do those dishes haha). It was still a great weekend. :) Just a hard day having repairmen here from dawn until dusk and they didn’t even fix it before they left. This morning it took them an hour and a half and for some reason they had to leave a hole in the wall… but since I’m renting I don’t care. lol

      WOW $800. This is the one good thing about renting – we’re not responsible.

      Thank you for checking on me – I’m going to come visit your blog now. :)

  • Yay for hot water. I wouldn’t want repairmen in the house all day either. Last time the cable guy was here my toddler started telling all kinds of stories. It was like “Ok honey I don’t think he wants to know you went poop on the potty he’s busy working” LOL.

    Don’t bother checking on me. I haven’t written anything! I’ve been far too tired to blog :) Soon (At least that’s what I tell myself).

    • Well I did come look at pictures of your sweet baby boy. :) What a cutie! Makes me even more eager to see my little guy.

      And Emma wasn’t trying to be conversational, she was more disturbed by the strange men in our house. Though at one point she did walk in and tell the guy that “Daddy is over there” – and pointed to John sitting on the couch in the living room, LOL. Not sure why!

  • Oh you poor mama! Glad things were still a good day. Hopefully all will be well. :) I know what renting is… *sigh* life is what it currently is…

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