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If you follow my blog regularly, you know we love hands-on math.  If you are a fan of learning math through games and activities as well, this game for young learners is right up your alley!  It’s called I Sea 10 and the object is to be the one who finds the most number combinations that add up to 10.

Emma Demonstrates


To begin, you dump out all the sturdy, circular number cards on the table (or floor in our case) then make sure the numbers are facing down.  Emma loved the cheerful sea creatures on the back side of the cards!


Players take turns flipping the cards to reveal the numbers.  The first person who calls out “I see 10!” and is able to prove it (ex. 5 + 5 = 10) gets to put those cards in his or her pile.  Watch out for the cards with sharks instead of numbers – if you get one of those you have to put all your cards back in the pile!

You can also use 3 or more cards to add up to 10 – here’s an example of one of our combinations:


Emma found it helpful to use the abacus to figure out which cards added up to 10, too.  I love the abacus!


I’m really happy with the educational value of this game – it’s simple but very effective in getting kids to think logically about numbers and addition.  And the cool thing is you can use the number cards any way you want!  You can make the object of the game to add up to 20, have kids flip over two cards and tell you what they would add up to, or teach number sequencing to your preschooler.  The possibilities are endless.  :)  This is a terrific addition to our hands-on math games and activities!


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You can find I Sea 10 at Learning Resources online – it retails for $9.99.

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