Do you ever want to do something crazy, like cut your own bangs because you’re impatient?  Well, I’m not doing that again ever.  ;-)  But I’ve actually already done something on a small scale – I put layers in my long hair and it ended up being shortened significantly (it was upper back, maybe to my armpits, but long for me).  I had decided that I wanted to start wearing it curly instead of straightening/blow-drying like I usually do… I really am just getting lazy and didn’t want to bother anymore, but it also has been taking its toll and I felt like a ponytail was my only option.  When you’re constantly putting ponytails in your hair you know something has to change!  So first, I had my husband cut it.  (Should not have done that!)  He did fine but it was a little off… thankfully a friend rescued me and gave me a great layered cut.  Bet you wish you had a talented hair-cutting friend!  Lucky me!

The first photo in the post is a before picture, and this is what it looks like now:


I tried to keep all my length but I guess that’s hard to do when you layer because I have always lost a lot of length even when I ask the stylist not to take any length off.  Then of course my hubby cut more than I wanted…  and I think it’s also because my hair is so thin.  I mean SO THIN.  I miss the hair I had when I was pregnant because it was so nice and thick!  Then after babies I lost a lot.  :p  Literally the day after giving birth my hair went all limp again.  lol  It’s weird how that happens.

So anyway.  I have been reading up on henna lately!  If you look up “henna hair” on Pinterest there are soooo many different shades that are made with henna, and there are no chemicals in the dye!  There are, of course, pros and cons of using henna.

Some of my favorite pros:
– It’s good for your hair, makes it shinier and healthier.
– No chemicals!
– It can be combined with something called indigo to make different shades (even black if you do it right).
–  It fades a bit, making your roots less noticeable when your hair grows.  (This might depend on whether or not you use the body art quality or pre-mixed dyes like I ordered.)
– You can layer henna as much as you want

The cons are:
– Once you’ve henna’d, you can’t really dye over it with chemical dye
(Not a con for me since I don’t use them)
– You can go darker with henna but not lighter (so don’t go too dark right away)

So I have heard that you shouldn’t buy the pre-mixed henna dyes because the body art quality dyes are the best and for sure have nothing extra added.  But I have a friend that has uses the henna from Mountain Rose Herbs and her hair looks gorgeous!   It also does list the ingredients and it doesn’t appear that anything is added.  So I’m going to give the mahogany dye (henna + indigo) from there a try.  Don’t worry, I plan to do a strand test before I slather it all over my hair.  :)  I ordered it and it shipped today so I only have a couple days to wait – so excited!  Obviously I’ll post my results here when I’ve done it.   This is close to the color I’m hoping for:

8bb11d3c2c8ce2416463f21c83b3fd07img source

Actually I like a lot of shades, and I love that henna works with your own shade.  Two people can use the same batch of henna and get entirely different results!  I really have no idea what color I’ll end up with but since I have light brown hair with golden/red undertones I will probably end up with something pretty red.

This is gorgeous, too:

fe7438c8c2e972656e0a834e2cc3965bImg source

Anne Shirley may have been horrified to find that I would dye my hair this color but I have always wished I had red hair!  I have dyed my hair various shades of red from age 16 on with chemical dyes but never kept it up.   :)  I do know that I don’t want it quite the shade Anne had as a young’un – less orange and more auburn.  But let’s hope I don’t end up with this:


If you’re interested in learning more about henna, this is a great resource:

Henna For Hair



7 Responses to I’m getting that urge to do something crazy with my hair… (Henna!)

  • I have never been interested in coloring my hair. But a few months ago I was at lush.com and they have henna and I started to think that looked like a nice easy (sort of) way to dye my hair and natural on top of everything. I have dark brown hair and I was thinking of going even darker brown. Like two days later my husband mentioned that my hair looked almost black in a certain light and how much he liked it. So I started thinking that rather then just darker brown I’d go black. I haven’t done it yet, but you’ve giving me incentive to start looking into it again.
    Now rather than just ordering from lush I’ll look at rose mountain herbs ( I love them anyway). Thanks.
    I can’t wait to see how your hair turns out.

    • You should find some reviews on Lush henna! The only thing with Lush is that the henna comes in blocks so you have to crush it or grate it somehow to mix it up. I’m not sure why that is, it seems everywhere else it’s a powder you just add water (or something acidic like lemon juice) to. What appeals to me about Lush is that if you buy in-store they will apply it for you, then you go home and wash it off. Pretty cool! Especially when you’re afraid you will somehow miss an area like I am, haha.

      Another place I’m thinking of trying if I don’t like Mountain Rose Herbs henna is this place: http://www.mehandi.com/shop/hairhenna.html I have heard good things about it and it’s pretty affordable. I like that they have a help desk number to call if you need help, too. That’s usually a good sign.

      Anyway, yes! I can’t wait to see what happens. :) You can wait and let me be the guinea pig. ;-) Although I have light hair so obviously the results would be different. I kind of envy you because what I would love to have is this result that can only come from dark hair: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/329466528960493769/

  • I”m really getting antsy to chop all mine off too! I haven’t ever used the Henna, I usually just get the cheap stuff at WM… sometimes good sometimes not. I’m sure it’s not healthy though :( As long as it doesn’t turn green I guess you’re good! ; )

    I totally understand the pony tail thing! Mine is finally long enough to do that again, and I find myself throwing it up every day and I am being quickly reminded why I had it chopped it off! It is easier though to just throw it up in a pinch when it’s longer, but your hair still looks pretty long even after the haircut! I’ll be curious to see how your hair color turns out!

    • I wonder if we start feeling this way because we need to be pampered or take a day out for ourselves. lol I am ridiculously excited about doing this, it’s almost like I’m a teenager again. ha! You should look into the benefits of henna, from what I have read your hair (and head for the matter) is a lot healthier after using it.

      My hair is still “long” I guess, I was just enjoying having it really long for awhile. Or the longest it’s been I guess. But I can grow it out again!

      I should be fine, no green I’m sure. I mean, it’s not like I’m trying to dye it a “beautiful raven black”. ;-)

  • I like the way your hair looks before an after,,you are blessed with nice hair,,the colors are awesome on you,,the redish is very stunning

    • The reddish is gorgeous! That’s not my hair, though – I’m probably going to get the henna on Wednesday since it was sent priority mail. Those pictures were what I would LIKE to have! haha Thanks for commenting!

  • Ok, so I *love* both of the colors that you posted. My hair pulls red every time I dye it, so I have to be careful or I end up with flaming orange hair.

    Right now my color of choice is burgundy, and I’ve been coloring it every 6-8 weeks religiously. I wonder how Henna would do over a chemical (permanent) dye?

    I can’t wait to see your results! Please let us know how you like it!

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