Anyone else?   I am having too much fun with it!  You can play the guessing game with friends, but you can also free draw and the mediums they provide are truly awesome.  Here are a few things I’ve done…

Draw Something 2 Draw Something 2

Draw Something 2 Draw Something 2

And look at what some others (with true talent) have done!  All this on a tablet or iPad!




If you like this app, too, feel free to friend me!  My username on there is LindseyF.

Want to try it?  It’s free!  :)


This is not a sponsored post.  It does, however, contain my affiliate link for the app, which is free.  :)


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3 Responses to I’m Seriously Addicted to Draw Something 2…

  • Holy cow! That unicorn drawing is amazing! Seriously. As are all of the other pictures posted. I used to play with Draw Something all the time, but my stick figures weren’t cutting it! ;)

  • I’ve never heard of the app. Will have to check it out. I can barely draw a stick figure.

  • I’m also addicted to Draw Something. But on D.S. 1 instead of 2. Sorry. My username is Unkle-T. Play me and you’re in for a treat.

    Thank you

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