The craziness of the holiday season (already???) and the onset of the third trimester of my pregnancy (and a VERY active “ninja baby”) has made me… TIRED.


I didn’t realize that the energy I had in the second trimester was going to be so short-lived – I really feel like I lost track of time.  This little baby is coming in somewhere around 8-10 weeks, I can’t believe it.  Where did all of the time I had to get things ready and organized go?

I want it back!

I think part of my tiredness is coming from not taking my prenatal vitamins often enough. But did I mention that I have pregnancy brain, too?  Don’t laugh.  I am COMPLETELY serious – this is a true condition of the brain of a woman who is carrying a child.  Maybe because all of the nutrients and vitamins are going to the baby?  All I know is that I have trouble focusing on anything and seem to be inexplicably drawn to either my computer chair or the couch to rest and recharge.  Anyway, I’ll take my vitamins today.  I promise.

If I remember.

One bad thing about being overly tired (whether you’re pregnant or not) is that you find yourself getting irritated at everything.  For instance, this morning (already, and it’s not even noon yet):

  • Emma grabbed her dirty diaper while I was changing her, soiling her hand.  Potty training time?
  • The soap dispenser ran out of soap.
  • I don’t know what to make for lunch and I’m too tired to make anything anyway.
  • I’ve picked up the house this morning and it’s already messy again.
  • My body is achey and sore and I haven’t even done anything.

I’m equally irritated by all of these things.  Yikes!  My brain knows nothing is a too big a deal but it still feels like a tough day.  And I’ve been napping every day but my body is feeling those aches and pains that accompany pregnancy and make sleep impossible at times.

So between heartburn, an achey body, and a kicking baby right when I lay down to sleep (whether it be at night or during naptime) I’m having trouble sleeping, which has made me feel so worn out.

And I have dark circles under my eyes I can’t get rid of.

So if you say I’m glowing I totally know you’re lying and just trying to make me feel better.  lol

I know, I know – I just have to make it another few weeks (but in a way it seems like too long to wait) and then I’ll have my body back and a new baby to cuddle.  :)  I can’t wait to meet him!

By the way, I still get kicked enough that I feel like I must be having twins.  Have doctors ever been surprised by extra babies, even after an ultrasound?  Maybe one was hiding?  lol  It doesn’t seem likely but OW!


7 Responses to I’m Starting to Really Feel the Third Trimester…

  • oh you poor thing. That 3rd trimester is always a hit or miss .

    HOPE your feelings some energy and getting some rest soon

  • I seriously could have written this myself. My scheduled c-section date is 1/19/11. I am DONE. Just DONE. I have preggo brain, as well as Jeckyll and Hyde syndrome, and I am just mentally, physically, and emotionally drained. Every day just seems to get more difficult. Hang in there, Momma, you’re not alone! We’ll both get through it. (I can’t speak for my hubby, I might kill him in the meantime,lol just kidding, of course!)But we’re almost there!

    • Oh wow, my due date is 1/19! I’m not scheduling anything until the time gets closer and I see what’s going on, though.

      And I love that – preggo brain and Jeckyll and Hyde Syndrome. So true! Some days I wake up and I’m just happy for no reason, then others I’m depressed for no reason and feel irritated and weepy at everything that happens.

      We WILL make it! :)

  • Big hugs to you! The last trimester is so hard, and it is so easy to get irritated by every little thing. I guess the good news is that it makes it that much sweeter when the baby arrives and you finally get to hold him in your arms! Hang in there, honey – you’re almost done. The prize is almost here. :)

    By the way – I had to tell you – I’ve been debating on which pack n play to get for Gage, but after reading your post and how much you loved it, that’s the one I went with. :) Thanks for the great review!

    • Oh I’m so glad! I was really impressed by that playard and am happy you’ll have it too now! :) It’s SO nice.

      I know I’m not alone… and you could definitely be writing a complaining post about the things you’re going through, too. I probably don’t have to worry about premature labor, just the NORMAL aches and pains and moodiness of the third trimester. I hesitated to post this because I didn’t want to just be complaining, lol. But sometimes it helps knowing you’re not alone. :) And a little bit of sympathy from a friend can go a long way, LOL.

  • Awww ((HUGS)) Sweetie. Just think it will be over soon! I totally remember that time though and it wasn’t all puppies and rainbows lol

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