We’ve been practicing a bit before officially beginning adding to Emma’s new nature journal by gathering different things from our yard to study and paint.  I found that asking her to find 4 leaves of different shapes or 3 different types of flowers really helped to spark her interest and gave her goals for what to look for – it was like a scavenger hunt!
Emma thought this was wonderful, and I joined in the fun, too.  :)

I can’t wait to get started for real!  :)  I still need to buy The Handbook of Nature Study (I’m hoping to find it used) but we’re pretty much ready otherwise!

If you want to know more about nature journaling with kids and how to do it, I recommend reading this excellent post.



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  • What a fun and educational experience for her!

  • I really like the idea your using by finding things outside for her to look at and paint. I thought about taking a sketch book with us down to the beach and having my son draw what he sees. I also thought about taking it hiking with us in the state parks to do that as well. I am going to have to check out the book that you mentioned as well.

  • Hi there! I found you thru the Fisher Academy Nature study link up! :) I love your idea of bringing outside things in. We are going to do a Nature notebook too as my little one loves drawing. I hadn’t thought about having him practice before hand though. Tomorrow will be out first “official” entry in the notebook so I may have him practice a little tonight! Right now I am trying to decide what type of medium to use in the notebook. I have heard about watercolor pencils but never actually used them. Anyway, thanks for the post and new idea! I’m headed over to follow you on Facebook! Jenn @ TeachingTwoStinkers.blogspot.com :)

    • Thank you for stopping by, Jenn! I’m following you on my RSS reader, too. :) We’re using watercolors right now but I’m definitely going to be getting some inexpensive (but not too cheap) watercolor pencils to play around with as well. I’ve used them in the past and they’re fun!

  • i think gathering is a really great option, especially for inspiring little folks! it can be tricky for still-a-bit-wobbly people to balance journal, paint, water pot AND keep a focus on nature outside that sometimes takes it upon itself to move! other times, it’s the weather or time that doesn’t allow for us to do all our observations outside. another blogger mentioned she keeps a tray for several days of their nature finds so that she can keep them out of the littles’ way, but still keep the stuff around for a while.
    eventually, when their and our skills increase, we can graduate to doing more outside, on-location journaling.
    i bet your girls are off to a great start!


    thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks, Amy. :) This is working out for us right now because I can completely focus on helping her (or participate if I want to) while her little brother is occupied… inside. I can’t imagine trying to do anything requiring focus with an energetic 2-year-old along!

  • It looks like she’s well on her way to being an accomplished artist! I can’t wait to hear more about your nature journaling. If you’re interested. The Handbook of Nature Study is available on Kindle fairly cheap. Not the best format, but it might get you through until you can find one used! :)

    • Thank you, Kristi! I had seen that – it’s a good option! I didn’t buy it because I read it was hard to navigate but if I don’t find it used soon it’s nice knowing I can get that if I need to. :)

  • The scavenger hunt is a great idea. I use that idea for myself sometimes, especially when I can’t think of anything to draw (yet am surrounded by things to draw!). Enjoy your journaling!

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