Little Isaac is two months old now!

He likes…

to lie on his playmat and play with the crinkle toy I made him!

to sit in his Bumbo and play with his toys.

to watch his sister whiz by him 20 times a day…

He also likes:

To play with daddy! (He REALLY gets excited when he sees him!)
To be carried around by mommy.
To take walks in the Ergo (my, that’s a comfortable carrier!)

He hates hates HATES:

Tummy time!

I’m having so much fun with this little guy.  He’s a great baby!  He would love to be held 24/7 but will tolerate being put down once in awhile as long as he’s entertained by someone or something.  He’s not easygoing when it comes to falling asleep anywhere, though… he cries when he’s tired and then wants to fall asleep in my arms or in his swing.  I don’t mind, though – I enjoy holding him and try to remember that someday soon he’ll be independent and won’t want to be held by me.  Hopefully not too soon, though.  :)

I love watching him with Emma.  She is sooo helpful and very in tune to him – she loves to bring him toys, his pacifier, whatever she can to make him stop crying.  Though she has been known to go into her room and shut the door to block out the crying, too.  ;-)

Other things to remember:

He’s in 3-6 month clothes already!
He gives little gurgly laughs, especially when daddy plays with him.
He started sleeping through the night (7 1/2 hours about)!
He really responds to classical music and enjoys Baby Einstein DVDs.
He can sit up in his Bumbo for quite awhile by himself.

:) :) :)



5 Responses to Isaac @ 2 Months! :) :)

  • Awww what a cutie. My son hated tummy time…screamed forever. My daughter loved it. We love Baby Einstein!

  • Awww, what a cutie! I love the one with the look of concentration. Makes me wanna go snuggle my not-so-little-cuz-he’s-3-now (ask him, he’ll sure tell ya!) big boy. :)

  • Oh my, he’s SOO adorable! It’s amazing that he’s already 2 months old!

    My son hated tummy time too, and actually wasn’t interested in crawling. He went right to standing and walking at 9 months.

  • He is getting so big and I cannot believe he’s sleeping through the night. Lucky you! Bella isn’t much for tummy time yet either and she still wants to be help 24/7 too. I’ve started breaking out the playmat/bumbo/other toys to try & help with it. Like you, I know how quickly it passes so I’m just trying to drink it all in this time!

  • Oh my goodness! He is adorable!!

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