My little guy is 3 months old!

He likes to:

– Roll over from tummy to back like a pro (a stubborn one who still doesn’t like tummy time).
– Smile and laugh at all the members of his family even when we’re not trying to be funny.
– Interact and play with Emma – he loves to be teased and fussed over by her!
– Play pillow fight.  For some reason it makes him laugh so hard when the pillow lands on him!
– Stand up with someone holding his hands for support – he LOVES this and grins widely.
– Be held constantly.
– Play with his hands and feet, studying them intently.
– Pull toys toward himself, especially his new Lamaze elephant toy.

He doesn’t like:

– To be left alone on the floor to play by himself for longer than about 2 minutes.
– Something about my milk sometimes… he gets so fussy!  I don’t know if its the taste or if it’s not coming fast enough.
– Strangers to hold him (yup, he cares now – so early!).
– To take baths.  (And he HATES the Tummy Tub right now which is sad!)

He’s growing up so fast!  He’s interested in people food already and interacts so well with everyone.  It’s a really fun stage we’re going through.  :)  He DOES like to bite down and then turn his head to look at me while nursing which is very painful!  I’ve been considering weaning him at six months…  but hopefully I won’t need to and he’ll stop.  I remember Emma biting me when she had teeth (understandable) and I discovered that if I put her down and away from me when she did that it was an effective way of making her realize it wasn’t acceptable.   Isaac is still a bit young to try that on but if in a couple weeks he hasn’t stopped I’ll give it a try.

(I published this post a little bit late so he’s actually almost 4 months at the time of this post…)


6 Responses to Isaac @ 3 Months

  • Ha ha ha, don’t feel bad I just posted my 3 month post and Collin turned 3 months on the 19th… I take pictures/vids every day but I get behind on posting them!

  • What a beautiful family you have! WOW, that is very early to “make strange”. He must be VERY intuitive! Enjoy every single DAY!

  • Awww, I love that age! My little guy is 3-yrs. now and he never did like tummy time, ever.

  • I was thinking “I know this kid is older than three months now!” haha Then, I got to the end. He is so adorable. I totally know what you mean about him not wanting to play or be alone for more than a couple minutes. It can get frustrating, because we need time too! I hope he starts to enjoy baths. Bella LOVES them.

    • Haha, I need to try to get these posts done sooner… it took me a whole month to finish it? That’s awful! :)

      I actually bought one of those mat sponges for the bathtub and tried that today – he LOVED it! I’m so glad, it was nice to be able to give him a bath without hearing screaming, lol. I promise I’m not trying to kill you, baby!

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