Isaac is 5 months old now.  Where has the time gone?  I can’t believe we’re this close to half a year!  In some ways it seems to have flown, and in others… well, it’s been an exhausting 5 months, let me tell you.  Sleepless nights, constant work during the day… but all worth it!  :)

I didn’t do a 4-month post because last month was so crazy, what with my husband having thumb surgery twice and my parents moving back to the state.  Last I updated, Isaac was rolling over tummy to back and back to tummy (at 3 months).  So much has happened in the month since I updated!  He is sitting up very well now and is eating solid foods.  He loves his big sister, Emma, who will do absolutely anything for him, too.  She is the sweetest big sister, I love to watch them together.

At 3-4 months, he was pretty dependent on me to play with him constantly and keep him company on the floor when he was awake.  Now he’s doing better at playing by himself with toys, mainly because he can sit up.  It’s a feat he’s very proud of accomplishing, and he prefers to be sitting up all of the time now.  But NOT in the Bumbo – he pretty much rolls right out of that now.  He doesn’t like being restrained at all!

He has such bright smiles and a cute little belly laugh when he’s being played with – it’s his favorite thing to do, play with his daddy, mommy, or sister.  He especially loves to have his feet tickled or kissed.  Speaking of feet, this is the way I find him many times during the day…

I know it looks like he has lots of hair in this picture, it’s actually cradle cap – lol

He’s eating solid foods three times a day now!  He’s a hungry little guy.  He’s had bananas, peas, carrots, mashed potatoes, rice cereal, oatmeal, and squash so far.  His favorite is the rice cereal and carrots, but he’ll eat it all.  Except peas, which came right back out as soon as I spooned it in.

He makes this really funny, adorable face with his tongue sticking out determinedly sometimes.  I love it!

He is NOT a fan of tummy time.

But nothing brings him more joy than having someone support him in the standing position!  He even takes steps already – he is very ready to get moving.

I wonder if he’ll skip crawling and go straight to walking?

Isaac still sleeps through the night in his swing (something I discovered at 2 months worked for getting him to sleep well).  He’s getting pretty big, though – I doubt he’ll fit much longer!  He’s already sitting up in it.  :)

Isaac’s little Angel’s Kiss/Stork Bite on his forehead has faded a bit but is still there.  It doesn’t bother me at all, and I don’t even remember it’s there until someone asks me a silly question like:

  • Does he sleep with his forehead down on the floor?
  • Did he hit his head and bruise it?
  • Does he have a brain tumor?

Okay, nobody actually asked me that last one.  ;-)  But so far no one seems to know what a Stork Bite is!  Good thing we’re here to educate them.  lol

His Favorite Toys:

A rattle Infantino dino teether
A Melissa and Doug Dino Grasping Toy

A VTech Camera Toy

A Fisher Price Toy Phone

A Jumperoo (hangs from the door frame)

Any board books  :)

My favorite picture from last month:


2 Responses to Isaac @ 5 Months Old :)

  • Wow! What a beautiful boy!

  • Both your children are beautiful. My daughter had the exact same mark on her forehead. Her mark would get more red when she was upset and it did fade with time. She will be 23 next month and seeing the pictures of your sweet Isaac makes me miss those times!

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