I can’t believe we’re at 8 months already.  But really, I can’t keep saying that every month can I? ;-)

Isaac’s personality is coming out with every new day – it’s so much fun watching him grow up!  He has such a sense of humor and gives me the quirkiest looks when he’s doing something naughty.  He’ll touch something he knows we don’t want him to touch, then look back over his shoulder with a grin and raise his eyebrows.  It’s so darn cute!  It’s his expressions that really get me, he has so many of them!

He has a temper, too.  Boy can he throw a tantrum.  He falls onto his back and kicks the floor, screaming.  It ain’t pretty, folks.

He is a mama’s boy and loves to be held by me (ALL the time) though he doesn’t exactly prefer me over my husband.  He absolutely loves my husband, already races for the door when he comes home.  He also adores his sister and enjoys wrestling with her, playing in her room and listening to music with her, and pretty much likes everything she does.  The two are like magnets and Emma is extremely good with him so it’s working out well.  I love watching them interact.

His current favorite foods are oatmeal and those cheese fish crackers.  He loves music and likes to bob up and down while standing – his first baby dancing!

The first week of his 8th month he got his first tooth!  Fiiinally, I thought I was going to be grinding his food for him forever.  :)

This month he also started walking beside me while I hold one of his hands!  I really am only minimally helping him balance, he’s doing it for the most part on his own – he’s so tiny it looks funny having him walk.  :)  He’s one determined little guy.

He still wakes me up once to be fed every night, about 2 or 3 in the morning.  I’m not sure how to break that, but I’m not too worried about it.  I practically sleep through it anyway, lol.  Sometimes he does sleep through the night but it just isn’t consistent.  It would be nice to get him back to sleep without having to feed him…

He’s wearing 9-12 month clothing now and is still tall – enough that he fits well in 12-month clothing lengthwise.

He loves musical toys and anything he can drum his hands on.  Pretty much anything that makes noise catches his attention.  I don’t remember Emma playing with rattles but he loves them!

I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings.  :)  No doubt he’ll be walking by himself soon… heaven help me!



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