Stage 1 in Pacifier Weaning is Underway!


This kid has a seriously cute (and huge!) smile.  It’s really a tragedy to have it eclipsed by a big ol’ pacifier!  But that’s not the main reason we are I am ready to say goodbye to it – Isaac is 2 1/2 now and although he has been very attached to it for the past couple of months, there are signs that it’s time to say goodbye to the ol’ plug:

  • He chewed the end right off of one, and the other two we have are hole-y.  At first he insisted that he needed a new one without holes, but now he doesn’t care.
  • We can’t understand him when he talks with it in his mouth, though sometimes he will move it to the side of his mouth (like a cigar, ha!) to speak.
  • They aren’t keeping him from whining… so really, what’s the point of having it?  It’s supposed to pacify the child, right?  Apparently not anymore.  ;-)

I am also quite tired of searching for a pacifier all over the house.  Or having to get up in the middle of the night to find his pacifier hidden in his bedding somewhere.  Over 2 years of that (not including the years Emma had hers!) and I’m ready to say goodbye to these little things!

I don’t even want to THINK about how much money we have spent on pacifiers.  

So a few days ago I pulled Isaac into my lap and told him that there was a new rule:

Rule #10140948:  Pacifiers stay in bed at all times.

Just kidding about the rule number, we don’t have THAT many rules.  But sometimes it seems like I need that many!

At first he pouted a bit, and he did sneak it out of bed a couple of times, but other than that the new rule has been easy to enforce.  If he fusses at all I tell him he can have it if he wants to sit in his bed – but so far he hasn’t taken me up on that yet.  ;-)  Guess his bed isn’t that much fun to be in.  Funny, I would love to lay around in my bed all day!  Crazy kids.

Stage 2 will be saying goodbye to the pacifier forever!  Yaaaay!

I won’t word it like that though…

I’m thinking about replacing it with something cool for him to take to bed but I haven’t found that special something yet.  I offered to get him a glow seahorse like his sister has (and is still attached to) but he said no… and I have to admit I’m relieved because Emma’s seahorse has cost us quite a bit in batteries.  We’ll have to find something that isn’t battery powered for Isaac.

Any ideas?



2 Responses to Isaac Says Goodbye to His Pacifier – Well, Almost…

  • No ideas here. Maybe he will not need anything to help him go to bed after paci goes bye bye =). Out of 5 kids our #3 had the attachment to the paci and when she was 2 we finally got rid of it. She would only have it for bed time and we kept one in the car. When we got home from traveling back and forth to ATL for an attempt at VBAC we could not find any of the paci’s anywhere. I think my husband secretly threw them away ;-). Thank the Lord we had a smooth transition to no paci and a new baby brother =)

    • That sounds great! I do think parents can overcomplicate things sometimes and that’s probably what I’m doing. ;-) There’s really nothing else he needs and I doubt anything else would fit in his bed what with the stuffed snake, cow, puppy, and other various animals he must have in his bed at night. Thanks for sharing!

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