I’m 27!

That feels so old.  At 25, I stopped looking forward to the next “wow, I’m ____” age.  I remember being excited about 13 (I’m a teen now!), 16 (sweet sixteen… whatever that means), 18 (I don’t know why, but it seems a lot older than 17), then 21 (and not because I could drink legally, either).  At 25, I was a quarter of a century and that didn’t seem too cool, but 27?  I’m way too close to 30 for comfort.

I know I’m acting like I’m horrified or something, but I’m really not.  Just kind of surprised time is flying by so quickly.  Does it seem to anyone else that time drags when you’re a kid/teen?  When you’re eagerly awaiting something (and you always are when you’re younger), time goes slowly.  But when you don’t want time to pass, it goes faster (like that dentist appointment that it will be time for all too soon).

Oh well, I still have a little time before 30… and I have to say that I’m very happy with where I am at at age 27.  I have a nice place to live, a husband that makes me smile every day, a beautiful daughter that delights in hugs and kisses, Christian friends and family closeby… and…  chocolate and coffee!  ;-)  I have so much!

Thank you, God, for what I have right now.  :-)

And happy birthday to me!  lol


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