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JellyTelly Christian Streaming Video Online Subscription - Is it worth it?  Yes!  You can watch via Roku, on the computer, or on your smart device!

JellyTelly is a Christian streaming video subscription I’ve been meaning to share with you all in case you hadn’t heard of it yet.  We LOVE it in our household because it’s all faith-based content for kids of all ages – and every bit of it is safe to watch independently (unlike Netflix).  I have been subscribing to JellyTelly for over a year, since I first discovered it on the Roku channels.  I did some research, signed up for the free trial, and loved what I saw so continued that subscription.  I’m so glad I did!

Here’s the 411 on JellyTelly:

  • You can watch it online from anywhere!  The computer, your tablet, smartphone, or television via ROKU (which I highly, highly recommend by the way).
  • The list of programs available to watch is extensive and includes popular and hard-to-find shows like Friends and HeroesDavey and Goliath, Gigi: God’s Little PrincessPaws and TalesTheo, and much more.  There are also episodes of What’s in the Bible and VeggieTales!  You can view all the shows here (go to the menu and click on “shows”).
  • This isn’t a bunch of video clips for your kids to watch – they are full episodes!
  • There are Bible-based games your kids can play online.
  • You can sign up for a free trial, then you have a few options.  Sign up for $5/month, pay $25 for 6 months ($4/month), or $40 for 12 months ($3/month).

In my opinion, this is more than worth the price!  It’s cheaper than Netflix and is much safer as far as content goes.  I feel a lot better about telling my kids they can watch an hour of JellyTelly than something random on Netflix.  And they love the programs.  Lately my daughter’s favorite has been Davey and Goliath, and my son’s favorite is Hoop Dogs.  I personally love that Friends and Heroes is available and am hoping they eventually add Superbook episodes.

Have you tried out JellyTelly yet?  What did you think?



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