A new addition to our bookshelves is Jesus Wants My Heart by Becky Van Volkinburg.
This is such a sweet book!

In it, a little girl hears the news that Jesus loves her and wants her heart.  She immediately wants to know how she can give her heart to Him and sets to work making an elaborate crafted heart with paper and glue.  When she asks her mother how she can get it to Jesus, her mother sits her down, tells her that she’s made God smile with her gift, and lovingly explains how she can “give her heart to Jesus” – by showing His love for those around her everyday.

DSC_0023The little girl in the story reminded me of Emma so much – I have had her do the exact same thing!  She has written letters to God with hearts and drawings all over it and then asks me to send it to Him, so this was really the perfect book for us to sit down and read together.  It gave us a lot to talk about together and also provided me with a lovely answer to what giving your heart (and all of you) to Jesus can look like.


Emma loved the characters, the rhyming, and the colorful pictures in this large paperback book, and I loved the way it shared Christ’s love for us and how we can please Him – by showing love for Him through our treatment of others. I think Jesus Wants My Heart would be a nice addition to any Christian book collection and would recommend it for children between the ages of 3 and 8.

Be sure to check out the authors other books at her website!

Want It?

You can find Jesus Wants My Heart on sale at Amazon.com right now for only $5!  If you have Amazon Prime it’s free 2-day shipping, too.  :)  Alternatively, you can get the Kindle version for only 99 cents.
I would like to thank the author for sending me this book so that I could share my thoughts on it with you.
This post is 100% my own opinion, thoughts, and experiences, and is written in my own words.  My affiliate link may be included.

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