Karen Kingsbury is well-known and loved for her wonderful moving novels for adults. I only recently discovered that she wrote children’s books as well! Check out this new trailer, made by Karen, for one of her children’s books, Let Me Hold You Longer. She notes that as parents we are very focused on a child’s “firsts” – first step, first word, etc. Sadly, we can miss the “lasts”. This looks like a good one – I don’t even want to think about my little girl growing up, though! I like that this book reminds us to slow down and enjoy every moment with our child.

From Karen: The pictures are fun and lighthearted – so that your children will laugh and giggle, while you quietly dab your tears. It is a children’s book, a gift book, and a collector for anyone who has ever loved a child. Most of all it is a labor of love from me, a mom of six kids, who knows all too well the short time we have with our little ones.

Can you remember a “last time” with your children?

My daughter is still very young, ten months old today actually. Thinking about this, I just realized there was a “last time” yesterday during our shopping trip. It was the last time she will be in her infant car seat. I bought a convertible car seat yesterday.

This is one last time that we won’t be mourning, though – lol. She hates that car seat with a passion!



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