If you haven’t heard about KettleWorx yet, you are SO missing out.

If you have heard about KettleWorx but haven’t tried the program yet, you are SO missing out!

And I’m not just saying this, folks.  I am LOVING this set of fitness DVDs.  And I have a whole list of reasons WHY I love it and think you should order it right now, but first I want to tell you a little bit…

About KettleWorx

The KettleWorx fitness program features exercises that center around a uniquely shaped weight with a handle called a KettleBell.

There are 10 DVDs featuring over 200 exercises in the KettleWorx fitness program.  It also comes with a healthy eating guide and introduction DVD.

What makes KettleWorx special and a great program is that their six-week challenge only requires 20 minutes of exercise three times a week!  And it’s effective!

My Experience With KettleWorx

When I first received the program, I was a little intimidated by it all.  I had asked for a 10-pound KettleBell and it felt… heavy.  lol  You can also get 5-pound, 15-pound, 20-pound weights.  I recommend starting with the 5-pound weight – you can always work your way up to the 10-pound weight.  I think anything bigger than 10 pounds is for men – I certainly don’t feel I’ll ever need anything heavier than the 10-pounder!

Anyway, like I said, I was intimidated right at first.  I mean, have you seen the dude on the cover of these DVDs?  Look at his muscles!  This must be an intense workout.  But when I finally (about a week after receiving them) broke into the DVDs and watched the Introduction video, I found myself getting excited about it.  These exercises looked doable!

Workout Day One

So where to start?  I flipped through the rest of the DVDs  – I had Resistance, Core, Cardio, Fast Fat Burn, and Fast Abs.  I looked for something telling me exactly what I should start with, but there really isn’t any strict regime to follow except that you exercise for 20 minutes three times a week.  So I started with KettleWorx Core – and I am telling you, at the end of those 20 minutes I felt good.  The next day?  I felt SORE.  I mean really sore.  ;-)  It was a very good sore, though.  I was like, “Hey, if I’m this sore after one twenty-minute session, that is AWESOME.”  Because it really didn’t feel like “too much”.  You know, the too much that makes you never want to go back to a workout again because you don’t want to go through that agony again.  Call me a wimp, but I have given fitness DVDs away for this reason.  Poor unsuspecting victims…

Workout Day Two

I began with a different DVD on this day.  Cardio.  I was feeling better from Workout Day One but still feeling a little sore.  I was ready to go, though.  Cardio was a little more intense, and I didn’t make it through all of the exercises, BUT I did make it through the DVD and just joined in when I could.  It was still very effective.

Every Workout Day After

I continued the challenge doing just 20 minutes of whatever I wanted three times a week.  Core is one of my favorites because it hits my stomach and thighs so well.  The Fast Ab Workout is awesome as well.  I started seeing a difference in the way my body looked right away, and started feeling stronger, too!

Since I started about four months ago, I’ve worked out with KettleWorx off and on and really love what it does for me!  I don’t really have any before and after pictures for you yet because I haven’t been as consistent as I would like due to some health issues and moving; however, now that summer is here I have plans to do the six-week challenge again.  I want to be able to wear a bathing suit and not feel uncomfortable, and I know for a fact that this will help me.  When I start up with the challenge in a couple of weeks, I’ll update via Twitter and let you know how it’s going.  :)  If you would like to follow along, my Twitter ID is @kindred_spirit.

What I Love About the Program:

  • It’s effectiveness in strengthening and toning
  • The fact that I don’t get bored with the program (so many different exercises and DVDs)
  • The trainer isn’t annoying at all!  He’s very genuine – you can tell he believes in this program 100%
  • You can target your “problem area” but most of the exercises really work to tone and strengthen your entire body at once
  • You only have to work out three times a week for 20 minutes a day!  I really love that.  ;-)
  • Oh, and it’s perfect for working out with a friend!

What Some People Might Not Love

The only thing I can think of that might bother some is how fast it moves from one individual exercise to another.  One minute you’ll be sitting on the floor, and the next he’ll be up and you’ll be scrambling to follow.  Some people could have trouble with that and it would be a pain to have to pause it in between while you get into position (or catch your breath, lol).  Still, even if you weren’t able to do all of the exercises in trying to keep up, you would still be getting a terrific workout.  I haven’t had trouble keeping up myself, but it has been a challenge!

The other thing is the size and weight of the 10-pound bell… when I’m lying on the ground with that bell over my head, I wonder what kind of brain damage I would have if I dropped it on my head – LOL.  And I make sure my daughter is either in her highchair or in bed (somewhere far away) before I work out.  There is a lot of swinging that weight around and you wouldn’t want to hit anyone with it.  Or a pet.  But as long as you’re safe, it’s totally worth doing!

Ultimately, I’m really glad I discovered KettleWorx.  This is a DVD program that I’ll be using often in the future without a doubt.  I would recommend it without hesitation!

Buy it!

Check out what Amazon.com has to offer – they have great deals on Kettleworx!


I received the KettleWorx Ultra 10 so that I could share my thoughts on it with you! All opinions expressed are my own.


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