I’ve gotten a kick out of bloggers sharing the keywords from search engines that brought readers to their blog, mainly because some of them are so funny and off-the-wall.

Here are some of mine:

reuse baby clothes – You came to the right place! Check out my post, Sweet Ideas for Outgrown Baby Clothes!

baby nursing shawl reviews – I do have a review for the L’ovedbaby Nursing shawl. It’s awesome!

Book report over kiss by ted dekker – Doing a book report on it, huh? Well here’s my review, but I think you should read the book for yourself. ;-)

moby sling tutorial – Not sure how you got to my blog searching for this. Don’t know whether you wanted to know how to use the moby wrap or make one. But here’s a nice tutorial I found from Savvy Chic.

Jane eyre i have something in my brain that assimilate me mentally to him
– Oooookay. I have no idea what this means or what someone was searching for.

when does jane eyre paint herself? – You know when I saw this I thought, “Jane never paints herself…”. I envisioned Jane looking like a bucket of white paint was poured over her head. I’m assuming they’re asking about Jane painting a self-portrait, though.

toot and puddle reviews – I have reviewed one Toot and Puddle children’s book: Toot and Puddle I’ll Be Home For Christmas.

amazing crochet – How about a crocheted tree cozy? Talk about amazing!

how to remove a kindred spirit – This is very strange to search for. Hopefully they’re not talking about me. But why remove someone who is a kindred spirit?

i would rather die a thousand deaths – Me too. ;-)



2 Responses to Keywords that brought you to my blog…

  • Ok, so how do you find out what people have searched for in order to find you??? Totally missed that tutorial, perhaps you can assist. lol

  • This is one of my latest for my blog: “actual book the tale of despereaux so you can read it online for free right now chapter 50” Wonder if they ever found what they were looking for?

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