Kidorable sent me the rain coats in this post hoping that I would share my honest thoughts on them – so here they are.  :) 

kidorable fireman

Where we live there isn’t much snow but there is RAIN all year long, so we need raincoats and rubber boots always.  My favorite rain gear sets are from Kidorable – we have been fans of their imaginative sets for a long time!  Emma has loved the fact that she can dress up as a fairy, butterfly, or kitten, be protected from the rain and look cute.


 More recently, Isaac discovered the fun of themed coats and boots when a fireman rain jacket came in the mail for him.  He gets SO excited when he sees a real fire truck, and even owns (and plays with daily) an electronic fire truck toy that lights up.  Needless to say, he was thrilled with his new coat which proclaims him FIRE CHIEF.


Can you see the way he’s standing with his little chest puffed out?  He loves that he is a fireman when he wears that coat!


Put the rain hood up and you have a fireman “helmet”.  Emma chose the pink kitty cat boots and rain coat, and her hood features kitten ears.  The detail put into the rain gear lines show just how much care is taken in their design – from the real buckles on the fireman coat to the roomy velcro-closure pockets and cat’s tail on the back of the cat-themed rubber boots.  Even more important, they protect the kids from the rain and cold more than satisfactorily.  Especially the fireman hood with its brim!

DSC_0082 DSC_0081 DSC_0079-001

Besides the obvious cuteness factor of the rain gear, I appreciate that the coats are well-made and durable.  They are made to be worn all year long, and are lined with a printed nylon.  I have owned Kidorable coats, boots, and umbrellas over the years and all are upscale, holding up very nicely over time.

coat_lucky_cat_open_puKidorable’s rain gear is available in sizes up to 6/6X.  You can also find themed bath towels and winter gear (hats, gloves, scarves), as well as accessories like backpacks, so if you find a theme you really love there are a lot of options!


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