Can you guess what Emma’s quirk is from looking at this picture?

What are your kids’ cute and loveable (or not!) quirks?

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9 Responses to Kids and their Cute and Loveable Quirks (WW)

  • Possibly sucking her binky sideways? She looks like an angel!

  • I love that Emma does that with her binky. Its so cute.

    Lily is in this sticking her tongue out stage, that's about it for right now.

  • How funny! I have never seen kids do that before! When did she start? I have three thumb suckers! Here is my Wordless Wednesday!

  • Danielle, she's been doing that since she started sucking on pacifiers! About 3 or 4 months I guess. lol I should try to find the earliest picture I have of her doing that…

  • That's cute! My daughter has a gumdrop binkie and she prefers it upside down. No matter how many times you turn it right side up…she'll flip it around.

    Love it! Happy W/W!

  • There are worse quirks to have. LOL She's adorable

  • We have an arsenal of paci's in my sons crib and he likes to wait for us to walk in the room and he bombs us with them.

  • hehehe..cute girl and her pacifier..hehe Happy WW

  • LOL!! That's too funny.
    My brother used to take my daughter's pacifier and flip it around, and without taking it out of her mouth, she'd flip it the right way. Couldn't stand it to be wrong!

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