A few months ago, I was being repeatedly plagued awakened by my 3-year-old daughter who would come bounding into my bedroom at unholy hours of the morning ready for the day.  This of course woke her 1-year-old brother (who still resides in my room at night).  Let the weeping and gnashing of teeth begin.  Anyone who has had children awaken at night knows that it can be hard to soothe everyone back to sleep – my son crying because he was so rudely awakened and my daughter upset because she was all ready for morning and doesn’t want to go back to bed.  Not fun.

I tried explaining to Emma that when it is dark outside it’s time to sleep (and stay in bed), and when it’s light she can get up… but that brought complications, too.  There are times that it’s light outside but still not time to get up.  I could just see the wheels turning in her head, “But what degree of lightness outside, mommy?”.

I tried telling her to stay in bed until I came to get her but that was hit and miss, and it didn’t give her any sense of independence.  I wanted it to be clear to her when she could get up and when she should stay in bed.

I’m a visual person, so I started looking around for something that would give her visual cues.  My online search brought me to sleep training clocks with lit-up images indicating awake time and sleep time.  I found a few different types, but my favorite by far both due to very positive user reviews and cute wake/sleep graphics, is the Kid’Sleep Clock.

Here’s what you get when you order the Kid’Sleep Classic Blue Clock:

The clock, two plastic displays (one is a scene used as a nightlight only), and the wall plug-in.

The Kid’Sleep Clock can be used as a regular clock, a nightlight, a wake-up indicator for both nighttime and naptime, and an alarm clock (wakes with birdsong).  Figuring out how to set it up was fairly easy to figure out and didn’t take too long at all. You just move the switch to whichever mode you choose (alarm, wake-up indicator, or nightlight only), then set the clock.

I’m using it as a wake-up indicator only right now so I just set it like I would a normal alarm clock, with the wake-up time at 7:30 a.m.  No alarm goes off – it just moves from sleeping bunny to backpack bunny at that time every morning.

I love how bright and clear the picture is!  This is the highest brightness setting.

Quick Pros/Cons Overview…

Can be used as an alarm clock, wake-up time indicator, or nightlight.
The display is very large and they are easy to interchange.
No batteries needed.
There are three brightness settings.

When you unplug it, it all resets (like a normal alarm clock).
The digital clock is so small you can’t see it unless you’re very close, so it’ not really a great use as a regular clock.

Our Result:

So I know the big question is how did Emma respond to it?  Well, first of all Emma loves the little bunny character.  She gets a kick out of checking on him throughout the day and as bedtime draws near to see what he is doing at that time, and has been very good about staying in bed (or her room) when he is in his bed.  Am I getting more sleep?  Most definitely!  It really has improved her morning mood, too – no more uncertainty as to my reaction when she comes to get me out of bed.  She just tells me, “Mommy, the bunny is awake!”.   I can’t say that every single morning Emma comes into my room to get me after 7:30, but there has been a significant improvement and she doesn’t wake me at 3 or 4 in the morning wondering if it’s time to get up anymore.  It has been a big help – I’m so glad we have it!

Want It?

You can buy the Kid’Sleep Classic Clock in pink or blue for $38.87 at Amazon.com.   There is also a smaller travel version that has no cords but takes batteries called the Kid’Sleep Globetrotter.

Disclosure: I received a Kid’Sleep clock free of charge so that I could share my thoughts on it with you.  I always give my honest opinion uninfluenced by the company or free product provided.  If my opinion changes over time (as does sometimes happen), I will edit this post with the update.  This post is 100% my own words. :)


3 Responses to Is it Time to Get Up Yet, Mommy? (Kid’Sleep Sleep Training Clock Review)

  • The clock is cute for kids. My kids do not understand to stay in bed til a certain time especially now that the sun is up earlier. One day we’ll get some sleep again:)

  • That’s a great clock/tool for kids. I wish I would have had one of these when my other kids were a little younger.

  • This is the second review I have seen of the clock and you have gone into a lot of detail. I love how your daughter goes in and checks to see what the bunny is up to that is really cute. I just love the whole concept of these sleep training clocks . They allow the child to know what to do without coming in and hassling ( waking up) the parents.

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