There’s a bee in my kitchen!

Actually it’s just a decal. No worries. I mean for me… you know how I feel about bees.


I seriously considered leaving that bee out of the picture, by the way. I decided that since it had a smile on its face I would leave it. But if it hadn’t…

So I decided to join in on this week’s Tackle It Tuesday at 5 Minutes for Mom! I’ve never done this before… and have been intimidated when it comes to joining this talented group of women. But I decided today was the day. I may not have tackled our storage unit closet on our apartment deck yet, but that’s okay. Another time. When my husband is around to lift those book boxes… (yes, I’m a book hoarder)

Anyway. ;-)

Today I want to share my successful “drab, boring white cupboards into a lovely garden-themed kitchen* makeover. ;-) It was fun! And cheap! So cheap. I’m rather proud of the cheapness. lol That sounds weird. I mean I’m glad it was an inexpensive makeover. :-)

First let me explain. More. lol I live in an apartment. If you’ve ever lived in one yourself, you’ve felt the keen pain inside as you stare at the poorly painted cupboards – cupboards that you can’t even repaint because they’re not really yours. Anyway, I decided to do something about it.

First, I went to the dollar store and found these cute decals.

These are two-sided, and yes – just one dollar!

I asked. Kidding. ;-)

This is what you see when you walk from the living room to the kitchen – it used to be a boring blank that drove me kind of crazy because your eye is drawn to it due to it’s size. Kind of tacky.

But no more!

After that success, I decided to draw the kitchen cupboards into the theme.




Nothing too special, but it does brighten up the place. :-)

Have you used wall decals to give a space in your house a special touch?

What Dollar Store treasures have you found?

Thank you sooo much for sharing this post! :-)



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