La La Logic Preschool Curriculum Review
Today I’m pleased to be introducing you to La La Logic, a complete online preschool curriculum that can be completed by your child on the computer or laptop but is also touch-screen/tablet-friendly!

A little intro to La La Logic

La La Logic is a full preschool curriculum for little ones ages 3-6 that integrates learning games played online, printable worksheets, and extra real-life learning ideas that you can complete with your preschooler at their own pace.  It is laid out in an easy-to-follow format separated into 100 weeks.

La La Logic Review

My first impression

I’m probably in the minority when it comes to my views on preschool.  I generally like to put together activities myself because I’m so picky.  I have looked at so many preschool curriculum packages and have passed them all up because they either look like too much work, are too cutesy and “fake” (can’t stand that – my kids are intelligent and don’t need to be talked down to), or are too darn expensive for something I could teach myself with a few simple (ahem, inexpensive) preschool workbooks and random items around the house.

But when I heard about La La Logic, I thought the concept was brilliant.  I hoped it would turn out to be as easy to implement as it sounded, and so jumped onto the Schoolhouse Review Crew bandwagon and asked to review it.  I’m pleased to be able to tell you that I wasn’t disappointed!

I logged into my account for the first time, and breathed a sigh of relief at how straightforward everything is.  Getting started is as simple as making an account for your child (or more than one child), clicking on “Week 1”, and downloading and printing the week’s schedule which includes a worksheet and enrichment activities for the week.  When you’ve completed that week’s activities (both online and off), you check the box that says you are done with that week, and move on to the next week.  I love how visual the checklist is!  Here’s a screenshot of one of those screens:

lalalogic screenshot

The online learning games

This curriculum really surprised me with the excellent quality of the preschool games which cover the basics like colors, numbers, shapes, and letters, but also get into logic, memory, puzzles, patterns, and more advanced skills in a simple and fun way.  The lessons progressively get harder over time and build skills slowly but thoroughly.  If your child needs more practice on any one topic, he or she can play the games again and again until they catch on.

La La Logic Review

Tablet or computer?

One thing I think many will appreciate about La La Logic is that the games can be played on a tablet like our iPad mini.  We just open the website in the browser and it allows Isaac to complete all the activities with the touch screen.  If your child is having trouble mastering the mouse, this will be a great positive.  However, if you want to encourage your preschooler to learn to use the computer and mouse, this will be a terrific incentive!  My son caught on extremely quickly when he discovered that improving his mouse-wielding skills meant he could do his school on my big computer.

Here’s a video of my son using the computer to do his La La Logic brain games for the day:

Pros, cons, and final thoughts

I am very happy with La La Logic.  It’s thorough, appeals to more than one learning style, keeps the fun in learning, and allows for some independent work.  Isaac gets so excited about his “schoolwork” and is thrilled to have something important to complete while Emma is doing her work.

I appreciate the fact that the curriculum is versatile and doesn’t need to be followed to a “T”.  The worksheets are optional, as are the extra activities, but I do find both to be an excellent addition to the week.

La La Logic

Above:  One of my favorite problem-solving games.  The child must make the block on the left look exactly like the block on the right.  Touching each segment of the block changes the color.

One thing I do wish is that the worksheets were in color rather than black and white, but it is nice that it saves on ink.

Overall, I am so pleased with La La Logic that I know I will be recommending it to all my mom friends with toddlers and preschoolers.  It’s unique, fun, and teaches concepts that are ignored in many preschool programs!

Pricing and details

You’re going to love these details.  The price for this curriculum?  A one-time $29.00 fee for the entire household!  AND they have a 30-day money-back guarantee, not to mention you can try it before you buy it.  You can’t lose.  :)

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La La Logic Review
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