My thanks to Learning Resources for providing the prizing for this giveaway and for sending me the Geometric Shapes Building Set so I would be able to share my thoughts and experiences with my readers!  The opinions I have given are 100% my own.  

It’s time for another Learning Resources review!  Today I’m featuring from their newest educational products the Geometric Shapes Building Set!  I so love educational toys and games, don’t you?

The Facts:

Upon opening your package, you’ll find a clear plastic tub full of connector sticks of different lengths (some straight and some curved) and two different types of cylindrical connectors.  Specifically, the set includes 90 straight sticks, 32 curves, and 48 connectors.


How to Use It:

This is a versatile educational playset you can keep around your house that will be useful educationally as well as in free play!  We’ve used it to build 2-D and 3-D shapes (including spherical shapes), buildings, and fences.  The kids have also enjoyed creating their own masterpieces with the set, using their imaginations.  

Geometric Shapes 3-D Square

Pros and Cons:

I’ll start with pros.

–  The set is self-contained and easy to store since it comes in the plastic tub with a lid.
–  There are enough pieces that multiple kids can use the set at the same time.  I can build a 3-D shape, then ask one       of my children to create the same shape and there are plenty of sticks and connectors for this activity.
–  The colors are bright and cheerful.
–  You can build cylindrical and spherical shapes with the curved pieces!


–  Free building is a blast for the kids with these:



 –  The pieces are durable and flexible, and are easily connected – my 3-year-old has no problem using them!

Now for the one con I can think of:

–  There can be a minor frustration factor as far as durability of creations goes.  Here and there a piece might fall out of the round connector and need to be re-inserted.  I think my kids would enjoy this even more if for instance once they made the sphere they could toss it back and forth.  However, this doesn’t affect the educational quality of the set – and as you can see in the photo above, there is playability with finished work.  My kids loved making those “spinners” and only had to replace a spoke now and then.  :)

Final Thoughts & Recommendations:

If you’re looking for something that will keep your kids entertained, encourage imaginative play, and be useful in teaching geometry to kids of all ages, you should definitely consider the Learning Resources Geometric Shapes Building Set!  It continues to be played with and used to reinforce 2-D and 3-D shapes in our house.  I recommend it!

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Thanks to the awesome people at Learning Resources, one winner will be chosen to receive a Geometric Shapes Building Set!  Open to the US only.



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20 Responses to Learning Resources Geometric Shapes Building Set (Our Thoughts + Giveaway)

  • My kids’ favorite building toys are legos, but they’re getting more into zoobs as well. I think they’d love experimenting with these and building all kinds of shapes with them! Love the flexibility

  • I think these are pretty neat to show to 3-D shapes. I would even use them later when my son has chemistry in high school.

  • Learning Resources is one of my favorite websites for educational products. I love their manipulatives!

  • Teaching math hands n is so great for kids especially young kids, and they usually have so much funntheybdont even realize they are learning!

  • The Learning Resources Super Sorting Pie is also an excellent math educational toy!

  • I also love the Word Construction toys from Learning Resources. What a great, engaging way to get kids to start building simple words.

  • I love using legos in math. You can use them to count by 1s, 10s, and do a ton of sorting and shape work!

  • I stated homeschooling my daughter this year and so far it’s going fairly well. I would love to include more of these types of hands on activities, but am having to add things a little at a time. For right now we are using a lot of little colored disks in our math and it’s working fairly well.

  • These are great! and the falling out of the hole thing? All the similar toys I’ve seen do the same thing! I wonder if the ends could somehow be made to snap in like clothing snaps? Want!

  • My kids learn better when they have fun. I make it a point to make education fun.

  • I also like the Gears! Gears! Gears! Lights & Action Building Set. My sons and daughters would have a blast with this and actually keep busy!

  • math only made sense to me as a kid when it was applied practically… cutting a pie for fractions. making change in the store for addition and subtraction. doubling or splitting a recipe etc…. when youre DOING you get a much firmer grasp on it all!

  • my son would really love the Gears! sets. hes really into how things work and would be fascinated by the alternate turning of gears, plus piecing things together would keep him occupied for a long time!

  • The Teaching Cash Register is a very good toy that teaches kids about money. It’s very practical and fun, too.

  • This looks like a great way to teach my children about shapes in a hands-on setting. And with four children, it sounds like there’s plenty to share.

  • I love hands on math. I think learning hands on is really fun. We recently went to a STEM learning field trip and it was super hands on and so much fun. I love this set! It looks awesome!

  • I love Learning Resources because they have the coolest stuff for learning and homeschool! I love the selection of things they have. They are a great resource for finding neat toys to teach with.

  • My youngest likes Mega Blocks and my oldest likes Legos . I think they would both be happy with these building shapes though, They look so much easier to build with. I love the curved pieces.

  • I love the Pretend & Play® Dish Set, 24 Piece Set. We actually own this set. It has lasted for several years and still looks new. (And yes, the kids DO play with it! It has just held up well despite their abuse!)

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